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Better Do Better Than That

Posted on 30th September 2010 in break up/ hard-fi/ lyrics

Am in a *listening to lyrics* mood at the moment if you haven’t already have guessed.

Which has reminded me of the soundtrack to A is for… And Then He Left Me this is the song that rallied my spirits when my ex tried to woo me back with a James Blunt CD (and a note inside saying ‘track 4 xxx’) followed by a Snow Patrol CD and lots of bull**** and feeble flattery.

Anyway, this song is called ‘Better Do Better’ by Hard-Fi – and it’s one of those songs that is written with such feeling that you just know he meant every word of it. It is a great song to listen to when trying to bring yourself back up – obviously as a girl you have to change it to be from the female perspective, if appropriate. It was sung a fair few times by me and girls (I cannot sing for toffee, never said it was pretty) and the last 3 verses are best sung with a great big smile on your face!


You’re back sitting on my door step
Oh yeah like nothing happened
Telling me that you’re free and oh, can you see me again?
Yeah right, so you’ve been kicked out…
Do you think I’m that stupid?
You say you’re free but didn’t he just get tired of you kid?

I could not eat for days
I cried so much my face
Has never been the same and now you’re back here with your lies
I hope you realise

You think I’m going to take you back
You better do better than that
I’ll tell you how its going to be be
Don’t you never ever come near me…

Let me tell you how I’ve been
I’ve been hiding from my friends
Hiding from the world
Hiding from myself
So you think you’ll come round here
Start singing in my ear
Girl you damaged me, I don’t forgive so easily,
You better do better than that

Your face, makes me want to be sick
Ah yeah its a physical reaction
You better leave cos you see I can’t,
Won’t be blamed for my actions
Don’t know how I ever loved you
So dumb why did I ever trust you?
But you and he laughed at me, oh yeah
While you lay together…

I could not eat for days
I cried so much my face
Has never been the same and now you’re back here with your lies
I hope you realise

You think I’m going to take you back
You better do better than that
I’ll tell you how its going to be be
Don’t you never ever come near me…

Let me tell you how I’ve been
I’ve been hiding from my friends
Hiding from the world
Hiding from myself
So you think you’ll come round here
Start singing in my ear
Girl you damaged me, I don’t forgive so easily,
You better do better than that

I gave you everything I had girl
But you had to try and take some more
You went behind my back girl
Cheated on me, I was the last to know
Did everything we have girl mean nothing to you?
Well I was such a fool
Now you come crawling back girl
Well let me tell you, I am through with you

I’m back up off the floor
And I won’t get hurt no more
I’ve been waiting for this day when you’ll be back here with your lies
I hope you realise

You think I’m going to take you back
You better do better than that
I’ll tell you how its going to be be
Don’t you never ever come near me…

Let me tell you how I’ve been
I’ve been hiding from my friends
Hiding from the world
Hiding from myself
So you think you’ll come round here
Start singing in my ear
Girl you damaged me, I don’t forgive so easily,
You better do better than that

Do you have a song that got you through a break up?

She’s Perfect

Posted on 29th September 2010 in friend/ nobody knows/ Pink/ writing workshop

This post is dedicated to a special lady because right now I know that she is hurting.

I chose prompt 5 ‘imperfection’ from Josie’s writing workshop. I may have turned it on it’s head a little and made it into Perfect but hopefully you’ll forgive me.

Seems to be my week for dedicating Pink songs to people, this one is for you special lady, woman, girl – I won’t name you publicly. I don’t want you to lose your inner voice because it talks sense and sometimes nonsense but both are AWESOME. It may be naff and cliched but it’s the hard stuff in life that makes us who we are, you will get through this and you will be even more fab when you come out the otherside. In the meantime, happy to hold your hand :)

Oh, and, you’re great and do you know what – you WILL change the world.

Nobody knows, nobody knows but me
That I sometimes cry, if I could pretend that I’m asleep
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls
I think nobody knows, nobody knows, no

Nobody likes, nobody likes to lose their inner voice
The one I used to hear before my life made a choice
But I think nobody knows, no no
Nobody knows, no

Baby, oh the secret’s safe with me
There’s nowhere else in the world that I could ever be
And baby don’t it feel like I’m all alone
Who’s gonna be there after the last angel has flown?

And I’ve lost my way back home
I think nobody knows, no
I said nobody knows
Nobody cares

It’s win or lose, not how you play the game
And the road to darkness has a way
Of always knowing my name
But I think nobody knows, no no
Nobody knows, no no no no

Baby, oh the secret’s safe with me
There’s nowhere else in the world that I could ever be
And baby don’t it feel like I’m all alone
Who’s gonna be there after the last angel has flown?

And I’ve lost my way back home
And oh, no no no no
Nobody knows
No no no no no no

Tomorrow I’ll be there my friend
I’ll wake up and start all over again
When everybody else is gone
No no no

Nobody knows
Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart
The way I do when I’m lying in the dark
And the world is asleep

I think nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me

And now, because we need a little lift to bring the mood back up – a little tongue in cheek Pink song.

Please be aware – it’s a bit sweary, so not while the littlies are listening. Doubt there’s a person on earth who can’t relate to this one!


Posted on 27th September 2010 in cartoons/ chowder/ family guy/ schnitzel/ spongebob squarepants

Now my boys are a little older their viewing tastes aren’t interesting me so much.

I have to confess I quite liked Charlie & Lola

Was known to watch Big Cook Little Cook more than once

Now I have to endure Ben 10 Alien Force (regular Ben 10 is ‘lame’ apparently).

However, I do happen to really, really enjoy one of the kids new fav cartoons.


Mainly because I LOVE Shnitzel.

Schnitzel only ever says the word RADA, so when he is angry he will say “Rada, rada, RADA, rada” which for some reason really makes me laugh!

For the record, I also love SpongeBob SquarePants :)

And, although this one is not for kids, I love Family Guy too!

Which of the children’s cartoons do you like?

P is for… Pink Ones

Posted on 26th September 2010 in childline/ dakota fanning/ outnumbered/ Tyger Drew-Honey

Didn’t feel I could actually call this post Fantasy Children but that is essentially what it is! Bear with me. Put down the phone – don’t call childline just yet!

I recently totally swiped a blogging concept from Liz – “The lovely Liz Jarvis from @LivingWithKids recently asked who our fantasy husband would be.”  I changed it slightly to ask the boys who their fantasy wife would be.

Now I’m wondering if it’s a bridge too far to ask who your fantasy children would be?

Needless to say ALL of our own children are entirely perfect and would of course be our chosen children. So we are assuming that you keep your current offspring but get to choose a new one.

This is easy for me, as I have a house full of boys my fantasy child would be ‘a pink one’ (as girls are known round here). Before you ask why I don’t just have another baby, we have 4 boys between us and believe me that is plenty.

So, my fantasy child would be very blonde, very cute, very girly. Possibly Dakota Fanning – War of The Worlds. Although I have to say I would be more likely to end up with a daughter like Karen from Outnumbered :)

Who would your fantasy child/ren be?

F is for… Fantasy Husband/Wife

Posted on 25th September 2010 in Colin Farrell/ Dhruv Baker/ Ed Norton/ fantasy husband/ fantasy wife/ Gary Sinise/ Liz Jarvis/ Matt Damon/ Noah Wyle

The lovely Liz Jarvis from @LivingWithKids recently asked who our fantasy husband would be.

Liz went for:

1. John Cusack

2. Jason Bateman

3. Colin Farrell

I felt 3 to be an insufficiency of fantasy husbands and suggested that one a day may be preferable and elected:

Monday – Matt Damon
Tuesday – Noah Wyle
Wednesday – Ed Norton
Thursday – please can I borrow Colin Farrell?
Friday – Gary Sinise – as Mac Taylor
Saturday – Dhruv Baker (he’s also cooking tea)
Sunday – Simon Baker – as Patrick Jane

Sadly Liz said that she couldn’t share Colin Farrell (meanie).

Which led me to thinking that this was a little unfair on the boys. So, boys who are your fantasy wives?

Cakes I’ve made

Posted on 21st September 2010 in cake

The sharp eyed (or really bored) among you will have seen the smiley face from the ghosts before….. Corny had a very similar expression!

The only problem with my cakes is that although I can decorate them ok I’m not the best cake maker in the world! Look nice, need lots of cups of tea to get ’em down!

Should add at the end here, that if you want cakes you can actually eat….. go to

S is for… Sleepover Anxiety

Posted on 21st September 2010 in children/ cotton wool parenting/ empty nest syndrome/ family

For me that is, the kids aren’t phased at all…

My 10 year old went for his second sleep over Saturday night. I hate it, I feel so unsettled and have that permanent feeling that I’ve forgotten something, tinged with an underlying general anxiety.

My 9 year old hates it even more, he becomes very clingy (they share a room – they don’t need to but the 9 year old wanst to) so I have his anxiety to deal with on top of my own.

Liz Jarvis wrote a post not so long ago asking if people were ‘cotton wool parents‘ – hands up that’s me that is!

What surprises me about this is that I hadn’t even realised it (or acknowledged it?) until recently, I thought I was pretty laid back and that I was leading my children towards independence gracefully. They make their own breakfast, they put themselves to bed (although I go up and say goodnight and spend about 5 mins in their room), they tidy their own room (after mucho nagging) and we have ‘proper’ conversations about real things.

I guess the reason for my over protectiveness stems from being completely responsible for them when their dad left. I didn’t realise at the time quite how much going from joint to sole parenting had affected me.

I don’t leave them with babysitters (expect for very close family).

The 10 year old has a week away with the school coming up very soon, I’m not looking forward to it.

I used to think that empty nest syndrome was just an excuse for people with boring lives, now I can hear the clock ticking and I spend time trying to work out how to get a deadbolt fitted to the nest door!

Half Moon – why does the shadow look straight?

Posted on 19th September 2010 in half moon/ jaffa cakes/ shadow of the moon/ the moon

When my 10 year old was about 5 he asked me “when it’s half moon, why does the shadow look straight?”

I asked a friend at the time who told me to tell him this:

Half moon is still curved, but only looks straight. Optical illusion.

When the moon is reflecting more light when the earth first starts to cause a shadow, the dark area is more pronounced, plus it’s only covering part of the curvature of the moon, so the shadow looks smaller and more defined.

By the time of half moon, a larger part of the circumference of the earth is casting the shadow and the curve is less pronounced. Plus, with less light reflecting back, the sharpness of the shadow image on the moon is reduced.

Added to this, the moon is also curved, which means the shadow disappears over the moon horizon. Together they make it look straight to the naked eye.

This satisfied the 5 year old (although many other questions followed) but even now I look up at the half moon and see that oh so straight line, I still frown and think how?!

I also can’t think about it without the Jaffa Cakes advert running repeatedly through my head – do you remember it?

The Great Brownie Bake Off! #GBBOchoc

Posted on 17th September 2010 in 9 October 2010/ brownies/ chocolate cake/ GBBO/ the cake nest


What are you doing on October the 9th?

Do you have a brownie recipe that friends and family drool over and repeatedly ask you to bake?

Are you a home cook who has a passion for chocolate loveliness?

Do you think it’s time the world knew how great your brownies are?

Would you like YOUR recipe to be added to the fabulous ‘a piece of cake‘ range from The Cake Nest?

OR maybe you just like eating brownies?

If you answered YES to any of the above then you need to read on!

The Chocolate Consultancy has announced the first edition of the Great Brownie Bake Off; inviting the UK’s home bakers and non-professional cooks to compete in the search for the perfect brownie.

Taking place on Saturday October 9, 2010 at Old Street cycle café, Look Mum No Hands, the event will be a celebration of the most popular patisserie in the UK.  A panel of brownie-experts will decide what makes the perfect brownie; Derbyshire cake company, The Cake Nest, will incorporate the winner’s recipe into their A Piece of Cake range, using it exclusively as their brownie recipe. The winner will also receive a six-month supply of Divine chocolate.

As well as the judging, The Great Brownie Bake Off will also be celebrating all things baking by hosting demonstrations through out the day, including an appearance from Edd Kimber, contestant on BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off and writer of fantastic food blog,, as well a guided fine chocolate tasting from Louise Thomas of The Chocolate Consultancy Ltd.

The Great Brownie Bake Off was inspired by an on-going collaboration with West Country bakers, Hobbs House Bakery, in search of creating the perfect brownie and as a step further in their search, the team has decided to turn to the UK’s home bakers for help.

The Great Brownie Bake Off will be a wonderful opportunity to learn what the British public conceives the perfect brownie to be.  Is it fudgy and moist, should it have a crackling crust? Should it be large enough to pick up with both hands, or should these be dainty bites of indulgence?  Should it include nuts and fruits or should it be made with milk, white or dark chocolate?  What makes the perfect brownie and how do we make it?

The judging panel includes Founder of The Cake Nest, Abigail Phillips, Square Mile’s Award-winning Barista, James Hoffmann, Award-winning London chocolatier, Paul A. Young, Hungry Cyclist, Tom Kevill-Davies, chocolate experts, Lee McCoy and Jennifer Earle, also of Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, Jane Manson, Founder of Virtuous Bread, Food Bloggers, Kavita Favelle and Mathilde Delville and Fred Ponnavoy, Head Chef at Gü Chocolate Puds.

Home bakers and non-professionals have until October 2, 2010 to submit their entry; please contact Louise Thomas for further information.  Profits raised at the event from entry fees shall be donated to cycle charity, Wheels for Wellbeing.  Baking enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to sell their home baked goods on the day, with 10% of the profits to be donated to this charity.


DATE:             Saturday October 9, 2010

TIME:              12:00 – 18:00

ADDRESS:     Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX

TUBE:             Old Street (Northern Line)

PRICE:            £1.70, including re-entry.  £1 of which to be donated to Wheels for Wellbeing

CONTACT: Louise Thomas

TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 7729 287198

TWITTER:       @TChocolateC / #GBBOchoc



About The Chocolate Consultancy Ltd

Ex-pastry chef, Louise Thomas, created The Chocolate Consultancy to raise awareness of the world of fine chocolate.  Through speciality chocolate events and freelance consultancy for the retail, hospitality and chocolate industries, Louise Thomas aims to bring the best, fine-flavoured chocolate to the consumer and create an understanding of this beautiful product and how we can use it to enhance the flavour of our baking and cooking.

About The Cake Nest

The Cake Nest is a small, family-run business based in High Peak, Derbyshire. The founder, Abigail Philips, gave up her previous employment as a bank manager to be a stay-at-home mother for her two children. Following her love for making cakes for friends and family, she decided to officially launch The Cake Nest in 2009 to create a cake for every celebration.  Since then The Cake Nest has also launched their A Piece of Cake range, which enables customers to have a fresh slice of cake delivered to their door across the UK.

The Cake Nest aims to keep things traditional only using free-range eggs, inspired by their own chickens, with no added preservatives. Their cakes can be made to customer’s specific requirements to avoid any allergy issue and specialises in wheat-free.

About Fred Ponnavoy, Head Chef at Gü Chocolate Puds

Ponnavoy trained as a pastry chef in Burgundy before travelling across Europe to hone his skills.  He further developed his passion for chocolate and patisserie by studying at the prestigious culinary Parisian school, Lenôtre, before arriving in the UK.  Here he worked in patisserie for Stapleford Park Hotel, Leicestershire, and Alexander House, in West Sussex, before being offered Head Pâtissier at Westminster’s Bank Restaurant.  From here, Ponnavoy worked under reputable Italian chef, Giorgio Locatelli, in Ceconni’s in 2001 before joining Gü in 2003.

B is for… Business Ideas That Float Through My Mind

Posted on 16th September 2010 in business/ diets/ entrepreneur/ ideas/ procter & gamble/ rosemary conley/ slimming world/ weight watchers

People often say to me that I am ‘full of ideas’, sometimes they even mean it in a nice way 😉

So I thought I would share some of my creative suggestions with you – maybe someone with more cash and more inclination than me could make one of them work?! If so do let me know and obviously send me a huge cheque by way of thanks for the original idea….

One of my earlier ideas was sanitary towels that were different shapes to fit different knicker styles, but the market seems to have sussed that one out by itself now.

One that has been floating in my head for ages is that hair colours should also come in tester pots. So that rather than having to buy a whole pack to do a strand test, you could buy 3 or 4 tester pots so that you know you’ll be happy with the colour when you eventually do it. I would price these at 99p each Procter & Gamble #justsaying

There should be a sanitary pack for teenage girls, bit like the Bounty pack, which includes a range of sanitary items and advice. This could be a government initiative funded by advertising or a ‘for sale’ pack available from Boots, Tescos etc. It would take the embarrassment out of discussing it for families who don’t feel able to approach it directly (single dads possibly) and would provide the girl with choices and information that they may not otherwise get.

Similarly at age 16 there could be a contraception pack with samples and advice enclosed.

Why isn’t there a diet cafe? This would be easily franchise-able I would have thought. My idea is for a comfy, high street cafe which caters for those of us who are on a diet but would still like to meet our friends for lunch/dinner and be able to eat nice food. It would be so nice not to have to look through a menu and try and guess which of the meals would be least deadly to a diet. Meals could be arranged: Under 250 calories, Under 500 calories, Under 700 calories etc etc with WW points noted too.

Calorie currency. Either Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley or Slimming World – come on one of you! This would be a range of tokens that have calorific values – so you simply start the day with the total number of calorie coins that you are allowed and then spend them as you go. Obviously with the aim being that you can easily see that if you eat the thing that costs half your currency for breakfast then you are in trouble!

An ageless play centre that caters for a wider age range. Once your children have grown out of soft play you have think about different places to take them – or if you have a big age gap it can cause problems if you have a toddler who loves soft play and a 10 year old who thinks it is lame! My idea is for a play centre that has a vast soft play, climbing area but also has a gaming area with gaming chairs and x-boxs, playstations etc. Plus a skate park area with expert skaters (ie local teenagers) employed to give tips on safety and tricks. Plus a wonderfully comfy seating area for mums and dads, with sinky sofas and possibly a Caffe Nero 😉 with an exclusive deal to supply @thecakenest‘s gorgeous cakes. Plus a darkened cave like area with bean bags where a film would be projected onto the walls. Plus table tennis tables. Plus free wi-fi. Plus a bank of iMacs. Etc Etc. And naturally it would be air-conditioned in the summer and properly heated in the winter.

I have other ideas too, but there’s no need to give them ALL away now is there :)

Do you have a head full of ideas like me? Can you share any of them – I’d love to hear.

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