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September 2010

Can I Dig Up My Potatoes? #WordlessWednesday

Posted on 15th September 2010 in family/ garden/ plants/ potatoes/ strawberries/ tomatoes/ wordless wednesday

Can I dig these up yet?

Now that DS2 is a veggie I need reinforcements….

I’m referring to the potato plants if you can distinguish them in that sea of green – they’ve had flowers which got blown away in the mad wind and rain the other day.

Moving on from potatoes….should I give up on these tomatoes or will they still ripen?

In better news, at least my strawberries are doing what they are supposed to be doing!

So – the spuds – how do I know when to dig ’em up?!

V is for… Vegetarian

Posted on 14th September 2010 in bear grylls/ headless chicken/ son/ vegetarian

My 9 year old announced yesterday that he is now a vegetarian.

Prior to yesterday he was probably the biggest carnivore on the planet.

His reasons for becoming a vegetarian are:

• the animals don’t ask to be eaten

• it might hurt the animals when they are killed

a chicken once lived for months without it’s head

Bear Grylls knocked a toad out on a cave wall and then ate it’s guts and it was gross

I have decided to humour him and so far (yes for 2 whole days….) he has been eating a vegetarian diet.

I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do or if I should tell him to wait until he is older? Can a 9 year old get sufficient sustenance from a purely veggie diet? What foods should I include to ensure that he receive sufficient protein?

Does any of you have vegetarian children – are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of?

Back to school – #TheGallery

Posted on 8th September 2010 in #thegallery/ School Governor

New beginnings, fresh slate, clean start blah…blah…blah. The start of the new term currently fills me with DREAD for one reason and one reason only.

It’s not because the 11+ is looming and I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t honestly mind if he passes the 11+ or not – yes honestly. We live very near an excellent comprehensive school and I’ll be very happy for him to go there. It is his decision to try for the 11+. He is a wonderful boy, clever, sensitive, talented and kind – I know he will make me oh so proud no matter where he goes.

It’s not because of the school uniform palarva – I sorted that nice and early with the help of @KidStart

It’s not because of the school run (although I do loathe it with a passion).

It is because of the reason for 215 of the emails in my inbox, and this:

In April of this year I became a school governor, I went into it blindly, I had no actual idea what it entailed or that it was a 4 year commitment…

I am scared of being a school governor. I don’t understand it properly, I sit at the meetings (that I can ill afford the time for) and I try to look as though I know what I’m doing, but, I don’t.

I haven’t even managed to book myself on any courses yet – how hard can it be?

I am not a person who likes to admit to weaknesses so my personal challenge now is to turn this around, to become the best governor that I can be, to actually be of some use to the school and the local community.

Don’t let me put you off being a governor yourself – if you are interested take a look at this website.

Wish me luck?!

PLEASE press for change – #blogladesh

Posted on 8th September 2010 in bangladesh/ blogladesh/ children/ poverty/ press for change/ writing workshop

Please click on the image above and add your name to the petition.

For more details, please visit the blogs of the ladies who have been to Bangladesh and who can explain the situation more eloquently than me.

Josie –

Sian –

Eva –

One thing, before you go – please click the image. x

K is for… Knicker Club

Posted on 7th September 2010 in Blog/ chain letter/ gullible/ knickers/ panties/ pyramid/ thong/ tweet

Something that @MrsTeepot tweeted earlier today “Now drowning in thongs!” made an old memory jump into my mind.

A few years ago I was sent a letter inviting me to join a ‘knicker club’ it was one of those ghastly chain-letter-pyramid style thingies where you posted a pair of knickers to the person at the top of the list…. then removed their name and added your own along with details of what size/style you like. The result was meant to be that you would receive 35 pairs of knickers in the post. (I didn’t sound this bad at the time honestly.)

I’m guessing that everyone put ‘Size 8, thong’.

Being a gullible sort I did duly post of a pair of panties (size 8 thong funnily enough) but sadly/fortunately received none in return!

Unless the first rule of Knicker Club is that you can’t talk about Knicker Club, then I have a question for you:

Q. Were any of you ever as gullible or was it just me?!

Mersea Island – the forgotten beach?

Posted on 2nd September 2010 in bank holiday/ beach/ children/ coffee/ east of england/ family/ free days out/ Mersea/ parenting/ sand castles/ smitten by britain

Bank Holiday Monday in the UK and 4 boys to entertain…..

We took a quick peak at the tide times and drove to Mersea Island. You have to check the tide before setting off as to get to Mersea Island you have to cross a road that connects the Island to the main land and it floods at high tide.

According to Wikipedia: Mersea Island (formerly Mersey Island) is the most easterly inhabited island in the United Kingdom, located marginally off the coast of Essex, England, 9 miles (14 km) to the southeast of Colchester. It is situated in the estuary area of the Blackwater and Colne rivers and has an area of around 7 square miles (18 km2)[1]. The name ‘Mersea’ is derived from the Old English meresig meaning ‘island of the pool’.

We parked at one of the many free car parks near the beach and popped to the handy cafe/shop to buy 2 coffees and 2 bucket & spade sets.

The boys were split into pairs and given the buckets & spades. We hunkered down on a picnic blanket and supped our coffee to keep warm!

Although as a family we do enjoy the excitement of a more ‘touristy’ sea side, we often come to Mersea Island because the beach is so quiet. I have never been  unable to park, or unable to find a nice space on the beach – far from it! We often find that we have an entire stretch of beach to ourselves.

Mersea also boasts a country park where kite flying is virtually compulsory, for some reason it always seems to be windy there! Further inland there are some unique shops and quirky cafes that are well worth exploring and the Marina is a must for boat lovers.

In case you don’t know, Mersea Island is famous for it’s Oysters. If you come along at the right time, the beach is littered with Oysters just waiting to be collected.

The beach is lined by a really cute row of beach huts. People do amazing things with their beach huts, I’ve seen some that are no more than storage sheds, some that are a beach base complete with table and chairs and even one that had a complete bar at the back and a BBQ out front!

We had to leave after a couple of hours as the great British weather got the last laugh and it poured with rain! Just before we left I managed to take a cheeky photo of an elderly couple who had gingerly picked their way across the pebbles to have a paddle in the sea. They had bare legs and feet and held hands all the way down the beach :)

For more UK travel blogs visit @smittnbybritain

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