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My New Year Resolution for 2011

Posted on 30th December 2010 in 2011/ new year resolutions/ roller skate

I do vaguely want to do all the usual stuff, you know, be a better person, be a better mum, be a better friend, lose 10 zillion stone, get fit, read more of the classics, acquire a grey kitten… etc

But. Specifically, there is one thing I’d like to do.

Learn to roller skate.

What I’d really like, is to know your NY resolutions too – please tell me in the comments box.

Thanks xx

Christmas 2010 Festive #FollowFriday #FF

Posted on 24th December 2010 in #FF/ #followfriday

Many moons ago, when I wrote a post called Twitter Is My Mistress. It was a nod to all that is good and great about twitter and the blogeverse in general. However I didn’t make the @names live links.

So, for my Christmas present to you all, I have painstakingly made every link live. Please see below for my #FF recommendations, a list of who I follow and why I follow them!

For keeping odd things in her bra and introducing me to twitter @MinaCab

For being kind enough to follow me back, and tweet me occasionally @richardm56 I’m not a daytime TV person so although I knew who he was, I wasn’t a stalker fan, but people said he was Mr Twitter, so I followed. He was funny. He made me laugh, I replied to a couple of his tweets – and he replied! I told him some mad tale about Binky (Richard’s late mail sherpa, long story) asking via the medium of Derek Acorah for him to follow me back – and he did! LOL. Twitter rocks!

For all things cake @thecakenest

For being a pocket rocket @porridgebrain

For being as deep as the ocean @WorldWithoutEnd

For Silent Sundays @cosmicgirlie

For consistent loveliness @JfB57

For extraordinarily bizarre conversations @PowerFairy

For thinking (mistakenly) that I’m a bit like Mary Poppins @DrewParky who, to me, is a little ray of sunshine, and for being his friend @pheonecia

For talking the hind legs off a donkey @MyDaddyCooks

Without Twitter I would never have started coffee-gate…. with @StarbucksUkMD who seems a really nice guy

For oozing common sense and loveliness @LizJarvisUk

For always being there to chat @kateab

For the best lists, in the world, EVER and appreciating evil plans @summerlandc

Top married couple @MeTheManAndBaby @JustATypicalDad

For being in my home town (and a top girl) @KayAndHerBoys

For wonderful blog comments and all round niceness @SheilaW10

For flying the Starbucks flag @The_Moiderer

For being a bit rude but lovely @Nudieprincess

For gentle humour @asnood and occasional rudeness @RAFairman @farmerdadof2 @ThyfaceJesus

For having super curly hair @christinemosler

For nice knickers @Rosa_lingerie

For professionalism @KarenPJ

For loveliness @domesticgoddesq @ShortyMcStompy @prymface @mammamia2001 @katecollings @tmatlack @nickie72 @frugalfamily @caroline_s @vickiCB @KezLewis @mrskatik @peabee72 @snowleopardess @beckicklesie @emmacollinspr @imperfectpages @karenbrand

For #TheGallery @taracain

For great information @kidaroundmag @netmums @eczemasupport @wikio_uk @theNSPCC @flyingstartmag @pragmaticdesign @sobukiRa @fridaytwiz @thekidscoach

Because she has a pretty avi @MostlyYummy

For having fangs @Tattooed_mummy

For great interaction @utterlyscrummy @kookoocachu @vegemitivix @mummywalker @sezi13 @coffeetoatea @newdaynewlesson @tkeala @piginthekitchen @marketingtomilk @tradingnothing @cheshire_Claire @davefowler @singledadsdiary @nickicawood @chrispassey @SimonG_1

For rocking #MentionMondays @mollydcampbell

For having a dream @benbloggerdad

For supportive tweets @MrsIrrelevant @Kailexness @Karen_Sawbridge @MrsTeepot @abstract42 @superrealpj @liveotherwise @livingwithkids @soorganised @teamleila @becaboop @lakessinglemum @mumrablog @chrisandharvey

For being a nutjob who makes me laugh @Lucas_North and for being pretty and having a good memory @Dimitri_MI5 and for being the original @TomQuinnMI5

For not being gay @socialcyclist and @WkendDad (sorry boys, couldn’t resist, they definitely are not gay though ok)

For being local(ish) @hannahbean57 and @KJTweetster and @kidaroundmag and @thelexdencrown and @LEPRA_Hina and @louiseg and @essexgourmet and @shanabp and @Andy_Golding and @leonamurray and @layermarneytower

For looking good in a santa hat @careyannie

For great jugs @richardepryor

For being a monster @keiththemonster

For sweetness @lucypaw @helloitsgemma @susankmann @maris_world @seasparkle_x @jordanfleet @pippaD @sarahsiddons @kanga_Rue @bobbi10100 @sean217uk @violetposy @amylane @cafebebe @mediocre_mum @kateagreen @adventuresEM @stevehills @jimbobbers

For being an ace girl and a great mum @Henry_Bears_Mum

For being lovely, caring, funny and there @fleetwoodboy for being genuine @RugbyMadsDad and supporting the cause @hooker1uk

For niceness @lucyehodgson @realityrose @plus2point4 @20snouts @redtedart @militarywife71 @karenphillipsuk @jalliedaddy @singlewithkids @motivatingmumuk @rosiescribble @wheniwasakid @whoopass @McInTweet

Because they both seem lovely, and fun @DiabloPR and @squarish

For being married @himupnorth oh ok, and great tweets, and being generally FAB

For doing wonderful things @PeterWanless

For loving Bobby Flay, and being all round pink’n’awesome @TheJellyMmonster

For being a superstrong single mum @Metajugglamum

For techy advice, and allround niceguyness @spences10

I LOVE the secret postclub, thank you @notefromlapland

For coming across as seriously nice, funny, dodgy jumper wearing, talented and easy on the eye @DhruvBaker1

For being an amazing dad, for putting others first and for wanting to make a difference @OnlyDads

I will still mention, although not live link (yet) – those who I follow, but do not follow back: @moogyboobles @mammywoo @YoungMummyUK @michelletwinmum @coolcolchester @bumblingtweets @cwtchesandchaos @BrightonMumTeen @BumbleBecki @SiMaths @atmccollam @Suburbanmummyuk @dizzydanni84 @existere @selfridges @greenandblacks @dotterel @olivia_wood @thebabybook @nomorexcuses @flyingstartedu @colchcirclemag @tots100 @epolicemuseum @onlymums @tchocolatec @andreajarman @mizzpink @quinceandquilt @nought2niche @foodurchin @m73ichelle @perfhappymum @lolawomble @netcurtains @colchesterzoo @actingtheparty @radioleary @dearthyroid @and1moremeans5 @greatauntuk @bbcnews @sarymclary @vwallop @skippedydoodah @pinchypants @smittnbybritain @blognonymous @second_time_mum @saffronbs @kidstart @nhsbt @shirlettsman @savvymum4 @GreatOrmondSt @dawnie_brown @themummylife @shitgingerdog @nothernmum1 @rumbarbar @carolinematthews @frazzleddaddy @theboyandme @tiddlyompompom @mrs_doodles @karamina @mrsshilts

Anyone who tells me they’ve followed back – gets made into a live link :)

Happy Birthday DS1

Posted on 21st December 2010 in birth/ birthday/ child/ diabetes/ fainting/ family/ gestational diabetes/ pregnancy/ SCBU/ shadow of the moon

Happy Birthday DS1

My boy is 11 – 22nd Dec, officially at 10.12pm – but he assures me it’s ok to have presents in the  morning!

My boy is wonderful, I know we all love our children but he really is! He has a depth of maturity that still shocks me, yet he has a playful sense of humour and is a happy, sunny boy.

He is clever (cleverer than me most of the time), he questions things that I just take for granted and seems to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Yet he isn’t superior or smug, he is gentle and self effacing. It was he who prompted my post about the shadow on the moon – a question he asked at age 5.

He likes reading, drawing, building amazing things from LEGO, making paper aeroplanes (often balancing them on one side to ensure they fly how he wants), playing DS/PS3/Wii games, watching The Simpsons, comedy in general and CHOCOLATE!

He is also a complete pedant, which I just adore.

I did good with that boy :) *beams with pride*


His life didn’t start smoothly, the birth ‘went wrong’, after finding out late that I had Gestational Diabetes they decided to induce me on my due date. I clearly wasn’t ready to give birth and despite them trying 3 times to induce me Monday, 3 more times Tuesday and a membrane sweep first thing Wednesday, there was still no action! I was 3 cm dilated by Monday night and pretty much stayed there.

Wednesday ended for me as he was placed in my arms and the last thing I remember is someone shouting “She’s 80 over 50″

I didn’t see my son again until the Friday afternoon, Christmas Eve.

I’d lost so much blood that I couldn’t sit up without passing out. For my own reasons I refused a blood transfusion. Because of the diabetes DS1 had been taken straight down to SCBU, then because I was ill they kept him down there.

I did try and get down there once (2 floors away, might as well have been on Mars) but I passed out.

I can remember laying on the ward, the only ‘mother’ there who didn’t have a baby. I felt so confused. So alone. It was like I was being punished. Until on the Friday afternoon a nurse breezed in and said jokingly “oh haven’t you got a baby?” and I said “I don’t know.”

She was horrified that I hadn’t been taken to see him, she was horrified that no one had given me a photo of him.

When my husband (who had been down to see the baby every day) showed up, she was with him, with a photo and a wheel chair and I finally got taken to see him. Sitting upright that long was a struggle, but it was worth it.

He looked a bit of a fraud in SCBU though – at 8lb13 he looked big enough to eat the other babies!

I was terrified that the separation would affect how I felt about him. Or how he felt about me. But it didn’t. I love him so much, I’m so proud of who he is and I’m so proud of who he’ll become.

Dear So and So…

Posted on 17th December 2010 in #Dearsoandso/ driving schools

Dear So and So...


Dear Every Single God Damn Driving School in Colchester,

I know everyone has the right to learn to drive. I know that I was once a learner driver. I know that people need to practise 3 point turns. I know that they need to practise reversing round corners. I know that they get nervous and take even longer when they are aware that people are waiting.


Do they need to do all those things outside MY house?

At school run time.

Every f****ing day?!


Patience, Colchester

K is for… Kiss Me! #underthemistletoe

Posted on 17th December 2010 in kiss me/ mistletoe/ RSPB

This post was prompted by my boss who said today that she’d never been kissed under the mistletoe. To which I replied that I had – and she walked away muttering “I’m not surprised.” A compliment I’m sure….

Which led me to wonder, do you know how mistletoe grows?

It grows in round balls in trees, you may have mistaken it for a birds nest before.

According to the RSPB, mistletoe is under threat:

Mistletoe thrives in orchards, but the number of traditional orchards across the UK has been falling. Some conservationists are warning that we could lose mistletoe for good.

It is only the female plants that grow berries, so these are the only plants that are harvested. This means male plants are left to grow, and the balance has now been tipped dramatically. Trees now have mainly male plants growing on them – bad news for trees and mistletoe.

Do your bit for mistletoe

Mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs has put together a quick survey about mistletoe in the UK. Even if you only have plastic mistletoe, he would like to hear from you. Your results will be used to help plan mistletoe conservation work.

Grow your own

If the birds aren’t doing their thing in your garden, the Mistletoe Pages have tips on how to grow your own mistletoe.

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