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One Moment In My Life

Posted on 27th January 2011 in MrsLJHall/ One Morning

The dream fades and merges into the sounds of my room. Eyes still closed, the sound of snoring infiltrates my consciousness and I can no longer ignore the fact that it’s morning. The first sensation that floods my reluctantly waking senses is the pain in my jaw, I’ve had this pain for weeks now, somedays it’s unbearable, some days it’s tolerable. The desire to yawn is there uninvited, yawns have become dangerous, somedays I can’t open my mouth wide enough to yawn. I yawn. Today I can open my mouth, cool, still hurts like hell though.

When I set my alarm last night I was delighted when my HTC advised me that “this alarm is set for 10 hours, 10 minutes from now”, I don’t feel like a woman who has had 10 hours sleep but I take momentary comfort in the knowledge that I have.

I remove my earplugs and try to sit up, this proves difficult as I seem to fallen asleep in my dressing gown which is now nicely tangled with the duvet. I sit up, tuck the duvet back behind me so as not to disturb the sleeping husband, pick up book (Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo, very good so far), mug and phone and push my feet into my slippers.

Maisy waits for me by the door and runs in front of me as I make my way down the first flight of stairs. She knows the routine and runs straight into the bathroom where she sits on the mat and blinks in readiness for the light to go on. I check my phone as I stumble down the stairs, slippers are on the wrong feet it seems, I have 1 text, notifications of concern from @DrewParky, @Spences10 and @MinaCab and details of new followers.

Obligingly I follow her and switch on light then reach passed her to run the bath. I notice there is no bubble bath, damn, today feels like a bubble bath day. I pause for a second before squeezing some blonde enhancing shampoo into the hot running water. Bubbles is bubbles right?

I glance in the mirror. Bad move. My hair looks as though some angry birds have tried to build a fortress in it during the night. I don’t fancy trying to get those tangles out. A loud thud makes me turn around and I see Maisy attacking some toilet paper, tail swirling and ears back.

Bath run we head out to the landing where DS1 and DS2 are emerging from their room. “Hi mumma, do you know why CH (he often talks of himself in the 3rd person) isn’t doing proper maths today?” asks DS1 perkily. “No.” I say as Maisy and I head down the stairs. “Mumma,” says DS2 “my foot clicked and now it hurts.” I stop and turn back to look at him, “ok, don’t click it again.” I say helpfully. “My foot feels like it needs to click.” adds DS2. “Right well you click yours and you don’t click yours.” I say to them as I carry on down the stairs. Before I get halfway we are plunged into darkness as DS1 goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. I know that DS2 will be frozen at the top of the stairs so I go back up a couple of steps and call out “Come on trouble.” Little footsteps soon catch me up and he walks down the remaining stairs with me.

I switch on the kitchen light and Elvis greats me at face height. “Morning panth.” I say to him. “Mmmelllo.” He replies. “I hope there aren’t 15 dead birds down here.” Says DS2. “And if there are any mice, they won’t be as cute as mousey.” He says wistfully.

Kettle on. Toast in toaster. I start making the boys sandwiches. The cats swirl around my ankles like a pair of basking sharks. I pause from cheese grating to feed them. One tuna pouch and one mystery pouch. I add the empty mystery pouch to the pile. Yes, I have a pile of empty cat food pouches ready to post to Terry Leahy before his leaves his post as CEO of Tesco – he has previously assured me that there will be no more mystery pouches, and yet still I find them in every box. I think they are chicken, this knowledge may help him I’m sure.

As today is a day that I can open my mouth I’m going to take full advantage and have chocolate spread on toast for breakfast :) So far this year I’ve lost 9lb because of my inability to eat some days. Don’t get me wrong, I have many of those lbs in the bank so it’s really not a problem.

Into the louge, boys  put on the TV and SpongeBob SquarePants fills the house.

“Mumma,” Says DS2. “Why does Patrick even live under a rock?”.

“Because he’s a star fish, they stick to rocks.”

“And I mean I know Spongebob is a sea sponge, but why would he live in a pineapple? And Squidwert, one of those heads from Easter Island?!” He shakes his head incredulously.

They then have a conversation regarding the possibility of DS2 moving into his own room tonight. It is agreed, again, that he will. None of us believe it.

DH appears in the kitchen, washes up from last night as his lazy wife hasn’t, and then sits at the pc and sports commentation fills the otherside of the lounge.

Im sitting in the middle, on the sofa, with precariously balanced tea and 1 remaining slice of toast. To the right of me I have sports white noise, someone called Nidal(?) just did something good it seems. To the left of me the TV is now blaring out some american teen show – Tori or something. The noises conflict. Lisa likes quiet.

I glance at the clock, it’s 8am, thoughts of work flood my head unbidden and the days tasks lay themselves out like virtual folders. Time for that bath, which will now have to be quick!

Inside the House In The Clouds

Posted on 16th January 2011 in Aldeburgh/ Fairies/ House In The Clouds/ Thorpeness

When I was little, Grandfather used to drive us passed the House In The Clouds or the house on stilts as he used to call it.

It is in Thorpeness, near Aldeburgh. My grandparents, I believe my nan especially, had a real soft spot for Aldeburgh (pronounced allbra if you didn’t already know…) and so now do I.

You can see the house from quite far away as it sits just above the tree line and really does look as though it is just floating in the clouds :)

Opposite the house there is a windmill – which is currently for sale!

One of my earliest memories is being left by the side of the road at this windmill (actually I’m assuming it was this one, only think I know for sure is that is was A windmill!) while my family drove away… was funny apparently.

Today while I was standing looking up at the house a guy came up and asked if I was on holiday, I said no and asked if he was. He said yes and that they’d rented the house for the weekend. The expression on my face must have given a lot away as he asked if I’d like to have a look inside! SQUEEE!



Apparently some people find that odd things happen when they stay in this house. The guy who showed me around said they’ve had a few instances where the lights have gone off/on on their own. Like last night, they switched the lights out and went for a walk along the beach – when they got back the lights were on! There are nicknacks EVERYWHERE, someone has collected a whole heap of stuff, it’s just fascinating.


The pond that it overlooks is lovely, full of swans and (judging by the amount of men with large cameras, binoculars and telescopes) many other wild birds. The Island in the centre is Peter Pan island complete with a crocodile :)



U is for… Underactive Thyroid

Posted on 14th January 2011 in goitre/ hypothyroidism/ myxoedema/ symptoms

My friend has just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid also known as hypothyroidism or myxoedema.

She’s been describing her symptoms to me with incredulation and as I’ve suffered with one since I was around 17 years old I don’t really register the symptoms anymore, they are just THERE, all the time and I accept them.

So when she said to me today that she’d gone back to the doctor in a panic with pins and needles – I said “oh yeh I get that” and she said she kept forgetting stuff, so I said “oh yeh I do that” and so on, and so on, it soon became apparent that there are a whole heap of symptoms that they don’t tell you about.

Here are some of mine:

Pins & Needles/Numbness – get this all the time, sometimes a lot worse than others, I generally ignore it. Specifically I have pins and needles in my left arm nearly all the time. It is also generally colder than my right arm.

Coldness – I quite often have cold hands/feet. Also, if I get cold I get REALLY cold, teeth chattering the whole nine yards.

Hotness – conversely, if I get too hot, I get REALLY hot and find it hard to cool down. Let’s say if I were a boiler I recon they’d say I had a dodgy thermostat.

Palpitations – tricky one this, I prefer my thyroid to run on the upper limit of the vast range of ‘normal’, a down-side of this is that sometimes, especially at night, I get palpitations. Suspect am meant to mention this to the GP but then they’d lower the dose, and I don’t want that.

Weight gain/loss – this depends where I am in the aforementioned vast range of ‘normal’, again I prefer to run on the upper limit as it means that I don’t put on weight, and that if I diet I can lose weight. If I am in the middle or lower range then I gain weight unless I eat less than 800 calories a day. Good game.

Hair colour – my hair doesn’t respond as hair dressers expect it to. I do warn them that the colour wont do what they expect, but each new hairdresser has to find out for themselves. “It shouldn’t do that” they always say.

Hair texture – it can snap off sometimes as it becomes dry and brittle, I’ve never worked out whether that is worse when under/over.

Dry skin – as above really, lots of moisturiser needed.

Goitre – a swelling in the neck, I had this for a few years, they zapped me with radioactive stuff and it went down. Cool huh.

Forgetfulness – this is awful and embarrassing. Some things I can remember, somethings I can’t. Simple as. No rhyme or reason to it. I have no control over it and it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

Intellect – this one I think I mind the most. When I am running at the upper level I can think clearly, I can converse eloquently, big words spring to mind easily and a witty retort is never far away. When it’s middle or lower I am a brain dead numpty. As the levels drop down it is as though bits of me literally get switched off.

Indecision – not sure this is actually down to my thyroid but I’m blaming it anyway. Sometimes I make quick decisions, usually the more important something is, the quicker I decide. If, however, I have a choice of say Heinz Salad Cream or Hellmans Mayo to go on my salad, I can honestly sit there for minutes weighing it up. Apparently this is reasonably annoying… The same can apply to tea and coffee half way through the day – the girls at work are used to me having to think about it!

Expression – my face changes depending upon the levels. I think (hope) I am the only one who can see it but it is definitely true – I look like a completely different person in some photos.

Energy – sometimes I have none. None at all. Getting up to make a cup of tea seems impossible – don’t get me wrong, I still have to and I have to sort the boys out and get to work, but it’s a bloody achievement. Othertimes I’ve done things before I even realise that they need doing.

Tiredness – sometimes I could sleep forever. Othertimes I can’t sleep at all – even though I’m tired.

Fertility – it can affect you in this area, I’ve had 2 miscarriages, no idea if they are linked to it.

Voice – it gets deeper (shall we say huskier, that sounds better right?) when the levels are lower.

Personality – when it’s running right I seek out people, I want to converse and learn and play. When it’s not I want to curl up, draw the curtains and can you bugger off please.

That’ll do for now, truth is there are probably more and I’ve probably forgotten them 😉

The only plus point is that I get free prescriptions because of it – I have to take thyroxine for the rest of my life and the only way they can ensure people do that is to give them free prescriptions I guess?

If any of the symptoms ring a bell with you – go see your GP.

Could You Knock Out A Triple?

Posted on 13th January 2011 in #writingworkshop/ action aid/ addenbrookes/ blood donation/ platelet donation

Sorry for the title – but I genuinely heard one of the staff call it that (and sound impressed) therefore it’s allowed.

This post is for @porridgebrain’s writing workshop, under the prompt of ‘GIVING’, Porridge has chosen this prompt to tie in with her support of Action Aid.

So, my post on the theme of giving has been inspired by my recent visit to the platelet donation centre at Addenbrookes hospital. It is a separate part of the hospital called Blood & Transplant, which for some reason is lodged in my head as Blood & Transport so I’ve confused a fair few people when discussing it, sorry.

I’ve you’ve read my post The Colour Red you’ll know that I can’t currently give blood. This is because I have an underactive thyroid which is on 6  monthly review – however I’ve been told that as soon as it goes to 12 monthly review I can donate, which I’m really pleased about. In the meantime I’m trying to urge as many of you who can, to click on the banner and register as a donor.

Seriously, what’s stopping you?

The phrase ‘knocking out a triple’ accounts for the number of units of platelets that you donate and is equivalent to 12 standard blood donations. It takes around and hour and a half, and is painless. The staff are warm, welcoming, friendly and appreciative. That last word, appreciative, really touched me as you could tell that every single staff member valued every single donor. It was lovely.

Only some people can donate platelets. When you go along to give blood – ask to be tested.

The following information is from the website:

As you know, there is always an urgent need for whole blood but you may not be aware that there is always the same need for platelets as well – every bit as urgent. At the moment we really need more platelets. We need both whole blood and platelets and our platelet contributions can only come from existing donors like you.

Most platelet donations are given to patients who are unable to make enough platelets in their bone marrow. For example, patients with leukaemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment.

Also after some major surgery or extensive injury, patients may need platelet transfusions to replace those lost through bleeding. Platelets given by our generous and committed donors are often life-saving and special in that they can help up to 3 adults or even 12 children! What’s more, as platelets can only be stored for a few days, regular and frequent donors are in great demand and that is why we are asking our platelet donors to attend at least 8 times per year.

We would like to emphasise again: both whole blood donors and platelet donors are equally valued and needed. If you do find that platelet donation is not for you, we very much hope you will continue to donate whole blood.”

If you want more information call the helpline 0300 123 23 23.

100 Today 11.1.11

Posted on 10th January 2011 in 100th birthday/ 11.1.11

Were she still with us, 11.1.11 would be my nan’s 100th birthday.

Cool huh.


I’ve chosen this picture because, despite the very poor resolution quality, it shows her rosy cheeked and clutching a glass of sherry!

Cheers gran-nan and Happy Birthday!

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