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July 2011

Things Kids Say

Posted on 26th July 2011 in Funnies/ kids

My boys have come out with some strange ideas over the years. Always so logical when you sit and think about them, mostly everyday things which we just take the meanings of for granted. Children have minds that are free of logistics so their thoughts are often quite enlightening.

DS1 says he always thought that women had HAMbags….. and could never understand why.

DS2 says he was nervous the first time we moved house as he thought that men would literally come and pick up the house and carry it to a new position.

Then there are the mispronounced words. We tend not to correct them to start with as it’s cute and we want other people to hear it. Then suddenly they become too old for it to be cute – people may think they aren’t bright…..

DS2 had a tobogganing party at the weekend – except that he told everyone it was ‘tabogolling’.

I was on holiday a few years ago and there was a young Irish girl in the shallow part of the pool. She had arm bands on and was laying on the stomach, I creased up laughing when she suddenly yelled “Mammy, mammy I’m a mermlaid”.

When I was a child I used to think that the radio station broadcast songs as they were played, so in my head every time a song finished that band would then pack up and leave and a new one would set up to play their song! Made it much more exciting thinking every song was live…..

They are also free from social embarrassment. I remember being in Tesco with DS1 in the trolley seat when suddenly he started loudly saying “Brummmm Brummmmm BRUMMM!” when I looked round there was a guy behind me in a wheel chair.

Then there is that first occasion when you walk towards a man with a giant beard, or a very fat person, or anyone who is in anyway different to ‘the norm’, you clutch your child’s hand tighter and try to talk cheerily in a much louder than normal voice in the hope that you’ll get passed them without a very loud “Mummy, why has…..?”

What gems have yours come out with?

Dear Tooth Fairy…

Posted on 20th July 2011 in Tooth Fairy

I was sorting through a box of stuff last week when I found a note from genius boy to the tooth fairy.

Judging by the writing I would say he was probably about 7 when he wrote it.

Even at such a tender age he cheekily negotiates for a fiver!


It is the P.S. on the back that made me laugh out loud.


Invasion Colchester

Posted on 18th July 2011 in 20 August 2011/ Ghostbusters/ Invasion colchester/ Star Wars

I was in Game the other day with my 2 boys when a man handed me a flyer for Invasion Colchester. Obviously he didn’t know me from Adam, so he won’t know that tomorrow I will be giving him a free listing on the diary dates section of the KidAround website. Nor will he know that I will be pimping his event on my blog. This makes me smile :)

To raise money and awareness for new EMO units, a fabulous day for star wars fans, film buffs and gamers alike has been planned in Colchester.

If you can’t make it on the day, you can donate on the Just Giving page.

Check out the various activities and characters you can encounter…

    • The Ghostbusters will be entertaining through Lion Walk
    • The Clones from Star Wars will be at Game in Lion Walk
    • At the Odeon Cinema on Head Street you’ll be able to see BatmanPirates of the Caribbean’s Elizabeth Swann and Captin JackIndiana Jones and a couple of Gorilla Soldiers
    • Star Wars’ R2 D2 will be joined at Williams & Griffin on the High Street by Chewbacca, an Ewok and a troop of Rebel Soldiers
    • Ralph Morse (an extra in Star Wars) will be signing outside Colchester Library, flanked by Darth Vader’s Imperial Forces and Boba Fett
    • Gaming fans will be able to see Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare,Hitman and comic book character The Spirit at Xtreme Gaming at the lower end of the High Street
    • ACE on Culver Street East (the small road between Jacks and Savers) will be host to a number of other characters including six members of the Stargate SG1 TeamNew Battle Star Galactica’s Leiutenant Starbuck and fresh from battling Dr Who, a Dalek!
    • There will be a character hunt for the kids on the day. When you’ve filled your sheet with the special stamps from finding certain characters, you’ll be able to enter the exclusive raffle to win some fantastic prizes!
    • There will also be additional tickets on sale for a separate raffle running on the day
    • Plus in Lion Walk there will be some local bands playing live, face painting and Dream 100 will be on hand as well
    • Don’t miss the Group Photo which will take place around 4:30pm in Lion Walk

Jar Of Hearts

Posted on 18th July 2011 in Christina Perri/ Jar Of Hearts

I keep hearing this on the radio at the moment and I’m finding it quite haunting.

I know I can’t take one more step towards you
Cause all that’s waiting is regret
And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are
Running ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are
Running ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are

And it took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
Cause you broke all your promises
And now you’re back
You don’t get to get me back

And who do you think you are
Running ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Don’t come back at all

And who do you think you are
Running ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don’t come back for me
Don’t come back at all

Fleas, fleas and more fleas!

Posted on 15th July 2011 in cat/ cats/ fleas


My sweet little, butter-wouldn’t-melt, Maisy cat has got fleas.

Before you say it, yes I do treat her with Frontline. I do it every 5 weeks and yet it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job and the poor girl is constantly washing and scratching.

Bizarrely, my other cat, Elvis, doesn’t seem to be similarly afflicted.

I had coffee with a friend today who said that she is also finding the Frontline isn’t keeping the fleas away.

Which made me wonder – is anyone else finding this, and if so have you found a different treatment that works?

Help me get Maisy flea-free!

Three Unusual Brothers

Posted on 14th July 2011 in animals/ Baloo the bear/ rescue centre/ Uncategorized

I hope the folks @noahsarkclub won’t mind me sharing this story.

They make an unlikely trio, but Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have forged an unusually strong bond.

Considering that they would be mortal enemies if they ever were to meet in the wild, it is stunning to see their unique and genuine friendship in these intimate pictures.

Rescued eight years ago during a police drug raid in Atlanta, Georgia, the three friends were only cubs at the time at barely two months old.

They had been kept as status symbol pets by the drug barons.

Delivered to the Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Centre in Locust Grove, Georgia, the decision was made to keep the youngsters together, because of their budding rapport.

‘We could have separated them, but since they came as a kind of family, the zoo decided to keep them together,’ said Diane Smith, assistant director of Noah’s Ark.

‘To our knowledge, this is the only place where you’ll find this combination of animals together.’

Living with the zoo’s founders for the past eight years, Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo have now moved to a purpose-built habitat where the US public can now witness first hand their touching relationships.

‘We didn’t have the money to move them at first,’ said Diane.

‘Now their habitat is sorted and they have been moved away from the children’s zoo areas where the public couldn’t really get a good look.

‘It is possible to see Baloo, who is a 1000lb bear, Shere Khan, a 350lb tiger and Leo, who is also 350 lbs lion, messing around like brothers.

‘They are totally oblivious to the fact that in any other circumstance they would not be friends.’

Handled by Charles and Jama Hedgecoth, the zoo’s owners and founders, the three friendly giants appear to have no comprehension of their animal differences.

‘Baloo and Shere Khan are very close,’ says Diane.

‘That is because they rise early, and as Leo is a lion, he likes to spend most of the day sleeping.

‘It is wonderful and magical to see a giant American Black Bear put his arm around a Bengal and then to see the tiger nuzzle up to the bear like a domestic cat.

‘When Leo wakes up the three of them mess around for most of the day before they settle down to some food.’

Surprisingly for three apex predators with the power to kill with a single bite or swipe of their paw, they are very relaxed around each other.

‘They eat, sleep and play together,’ said Jama.

‘As they treat each other as siblings they will lie on top of each other for heat and simply for affection.

‘At the moment they are getting used to their new habitat.

‘Shere Khan is being quite reticent about the move, but Baloo, the bear, is very good at leading him on and making him feel comfortable and safe.’

Explaining that the three ‘brothers’ have always seemed to share a unique bond, Charles said: ‘Noah’s Ark is their home and they could not possibly be separated from each other.

‘You just have to remember who you’re dealing with when you are with them, though. ‘It’s when you forget that these fellows are wild animals that you get yourself in trouble.’

The trio’s new habitat had to be constructed carefully, in order to accommodate its occupants.

Jama said: ‘The clubhouse had to be very sturdy for the guys, because they all sleep in it together,’

She added: ‘We had to include a creek, because the tiger and the bear both like to be in water.’

Is This A Massive Typo?

Posted on 13th July 2011 in deli wrap/ McDonalds/ typo

The latest McDonald’s advertisement has been driving me mad. Looks like a massive typo to me…

I can’t help but notice that the billboard advert was pulled down almost immediately…. and if you do a google search the ad doesn’t come up. Maybe McD have realised and are removing them?

I do a lot of proof reading for work, so it’s hard to switch off the pedant in me. Am I over reacting or would you agree?

21st July 2011

The reply from McDonalds – it is apparently ‘an endearing play on words’…

I am contacting you regarding your recent e-mail addressed to Jill McDonald. I was sorry to learn of concerns and your comments have been forwarded for my attention from the managing director’s office.

I have now had the opportunity to discuss your concerns with our Marketing Department and project lead for the Deli Choices advertising campaign, who was also concerned to learn of your dissatisfaction.

I can advise that the phrasing used on this particular poster is a purposeful play on words.  The line ‘Comes in one-handy’ is intended to be an endearing play of the phrase ‘Comes in handy’.  The idea behind the advertisement‚s copy is that the McDonald’s wrap is convenience food on the go.  It is portable and can be carried around and eaten with one hand whilst the other hand is left free to get on with other things.  The fact that you only need one hand to eat the food gave rise to the idea ‘Comes in one handy’.

For more information on this campaign you may wish to visit our YouTube page:

Again, I am sorry that you are disappointed with our latest campaign and we have certainly noted your comments, which will be taking into consideration when planning future advertising.

Again, thank you for taking the time and trouble to write us and for bringing your views to our attention.

Yours sincerely

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