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Well That’s One Way To Make A Cash Withdrawal

Posted on 30th July 2012 in Tesco/ theft



Tesco St Neots:  apparently at around 3am some people arrived in a digger and literally scooped out the cash machines before dumping them in a truck/van and making off with them; leaving the digger abandoned in the car park!

#PhotoADayJuly – 24 – A Stranger!

Posted on 24th July 2012 in Photo A Day/ strangers

This is part of the #PhotoADayJuly challenge, prompt number 24 – Stranger

So here is my photo of a stranger! Am sure I’ll go straight to hell for this!

What can I say, I liked her hat.

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Invasion Colchester returns for 2012

Posted on 24th July 2012 in #charitytuesday/ Invasion colchester/ Star Wars/ superheroes

After the success of Invasion Colchester 2011, the team are wisely returning with a branch new ‘show’ for this year on Saturday 18th August.

There will be many costumed actors and characters including storm troopers, daleks, soldiers and many more greats from stage and screen. There will also be signatures available from some special guests and the days promises to be fun and exciting. Going shopping in Colchester on Saturday the 18th will be very different to any other weekend!

As well as being a brilliant experience, Invasion Colchester 2012 is raising money for three worthy charities and its founder feels he owes a debt of gratitude as explained here in his own words:

“I launched Invasion Colchester in 2011 as a way to raise money for a very important cause which saved my life…

On the 9 January 2011 I was admitted to Colchester University Hospital with breathing difficulties. Within two days I was on life support due to a complete failure of my lungs and following tests, I was diagnosed with swine flu (H1N1).

On the 14 January my family were informed that there was nothing else that could be done for me and to expect the worst. The only treatment for my condition was called ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation). This is a process intended for patients whose heart and lungs cannot function normally on their own. Basically, the machine removed blood from my body, then oxygenated and heated it before pumping it back since my lungs were unable to produce any oxygen at all. The ECMO machine can, for up to several weeks, act as an artificial heart and lung. Find out more about it here. There are very few beds in ECMO Units in the country but I was lucky; later that day a bed became available in Leicester Glenfield Hospital and I was transferred that evening by a specialist team and ambulance.

I remained on the ECMO machine for 12 days during which time I required twenty four hour care from two specialist nurses. I was eventually transferred back to Colchester to continue my recovery at home.

I owe my life to the machine and the specialists that nursed me both in Colchester and Leicester for which I and my family are eternally grateful. I was the fortunate individual out of twenty people requiring the one bed that became available that night and I wanted to show my whole-hearted gratitude by raising funds and awareness for ECMO. There are very few machines available with the specialists required to operate them in this country and I am still hoping to be able to play a small part in rectifying this situation.

Due to the substantial success of the original event, a decision was made there and then to continue Invasion Colchester every year, for as long as we can, raising money for additional charities in the process.

So this August please show your support for our very worthy causes, head into town for the day and help us raise some much needed funds. It’s going to be a blast!”


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