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Will Aid: During November, some Solicitors will write you a Will in return for a donation to charity…

Posted on 6th November 2012 in #charitytuesday

Will Aid, the UK’s most enduring and successful charity Will-making scheme, runs again for the month of November 2012. The Solicitors who kindly agree to take part receive no payment for their services, instead donations are sent to nine of the UK’s leading charities: ActionAid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Age UK, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (N. Ireland).

Will Aid solicitors all over the UK agree to write basic Wills during November, without charging their usual fee.  These solicitors aim to raise as much money as possible for the Will Aid charities, by asking Will-makers for a donation, which reflects the time and expertise they have devoted to writing the Will. The suggested donation is £90 for a single Will, £135 for mirror Wills or £40 for a codicil or change to a previous Will.

Will Aid is effective. Not only does it raise substantial money for charity, but also motivates people to get on and make their Will – something that many people have been meaning to get around to for years. Last November, solicitors all over the UK gave their time and expertise to Will Aid. Over 27,000 clients wrote a Will. Nine charities shared £2.2 million, donated by Will-makers to Will Aid.

The contact details of participating solicitors are now available online at  or by phoning the hotline on 0300 0300 013. Readers should then contact the solicitor straightaway to make an appointment for November.

The website also has a good deal of information on Wills and inheritance issues as well as a useful Will planner to help people prepare their Will.

To offer additional peace of mind to Will Aid clients, we have teamed up with Certainty, the National Will Register, so that clients can register the location of their Will – for free.  When a Will is needed, the register enables loved ones to quickly and easily locate it.

Information taken from Will Aid press release, please direct any enquiries via the Will Aid website.


The Unguarded Woods #100WCGU

Posted on 5th November 2012 in 100WCGU


Had the police taken more care and realised the meaning of the orange spot, there was a high chance that they wouldn’t have left the woods unguarded allowing him to return that night and bury her at the base of its gnarled trunk.

Had they taken the time to check the forest properly, in fact, they would have discovered another five similarly daubed trees who were soon to become the unwilling hosts of another five corpses.

Instead they had ignored the warden’s dire warnings, dismissed him as a fantasist and a fusspot and returned to base in search of hot chocolate.

Don’t be alarmed, just my entry for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – to see more entries or to enter yourself, please click on the badge above.

November is #NaNoWriMo

Posted on 2nd November 2012 in #NaNoWriMo

As some of you will already know and some of you will be blissfully unaware, November is #NaNoWriMo. Or, National Novel Writing Month to give it its full title.

The basic premiss is that writers all around the world take up the challenge to each write a new novel of at least 50,000 words during the month of November as part of

I’ve been vaguely aware of it for the past couple of years but this, for some as yet unknown reason, I have decided to take part.

The ideal is around 2,000 words a day; so I’m already 2,000 words behind 😉

Wish me luck!

The Coach House, St Neots

Posted on 1st November 2012 in review

Feeling in need of a Sunday dinner but without the inclination to make one, we headed off to The Coach House in St Neots.

It’s a lovely building and unbeknownst to us had recently changed hands. It is now in the safe hands of friendly and enthusiastic manager Ceri.

Here’s what we had:

I had the roast beef – it was really good! Only criticism would be that the horse raddish was too mild for my taste, otherwise fabulous.

Thing 2 had the ‘burger board’, eyes bigger than belly though as he couldn’t finish it! The relish that went with the chips was amazing, as were the chips themselves. Overall he said it was really tasty and he’d have it again.

Thing 1 had, as he ALWAYS does, ham, egg and chips. He said it was ‘epic’.

And his handsomeness had the roast pork, he said it was really good. The roast potatoes especially and the size of the yorkshire went down well too!

We had all this (and felt completely stuffed!) and four drinks and it came to just over £40! What a bargain. All of the staff were highly attentive, polite and friendly and Ceri herself was just delightful.

Can’t recommend it enough, if you haven’t been before or haven’t been for a while – now’s a good time to go back.

You can tweet them @CoachHouseGK – although Ceri can’t find the password at the moment…

Or find them on Facebook:



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