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Panic On The Streets Of London! Well, £10 Notes Shaped Into Dogs Anyway.

Posted on 31st March 2015 in money

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 09.43.26

In an amazing feat of generosity and sensational marketing, @BeagleStreet have released the hounds with their #ReleaseThePounds publicity stunt.

What more reason could you need to visit London this Easter?

According to the Telegraph: A total of 500 tenners have been released in different locations across London as part of a stunt by online life insurance provider Beagle Street

“Hopefully our £10 note Beagles will put a smile on people’s faces and pounds back into their pockets,” said Matthew Gledhill, the company’s managing director. 

More of the £10 note origami canines will be released in other cities around the UK in the next few weeks. 

Let’s hope they don’t all blow away.

People have already started finding them and sharing the news, will you be next?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 09.46.45Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 09.46.57

SpaceBunker Needs YOU!

Posted on 23rd March 2015 in KickStarter/ money/ moon/ Space

spacebunker logoSpaceBunker is the brainchild of my son who is 15 and attends school in Cambridgeshire. He has always had a passion for understanding the universe, even from a very young age (approx 5) I’ve had to try to explain things to him like why there is a straight line on the moon when it’s a half-moon and why the sky is blue.

Fortunately for me his love of the universe has progressed far beyond my rudimentary knowledge and he is constantly seeking new information and questioning the world around him.

He wants to be an astronautical engineer in the future and has plans to be pioneering in the UK space program – even to the point that he wants to be launching rockets from the UK with a view to gaining a better understanding of the formation of the universe and interstellar travel. He has other plans but apparently they are secret 😉

Rocket sketchThis project is currently more about sharing the knowledge that he already has via a dedicated blog and YouTube channel that can bring new and interesting facts about space, science, maths and general geekiness to the mainstream. It would, I imagine, be popular with a variety of age ranges and abilities and would have educational value.

A bit about my son – other than the above, he is a very bright mathematician and has been studying an accelerated maths course and is a member of the school maths team. He has recently discovered that he has Synesthesia.  He plays badminton, enjoys drumming and is currently partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Telescope sketch

The KickStarter is currently 20% funded and he needs help reaching more people to make it work. Please consider backing the project, even if you can only afford a £1, because it will be so good for him to feel supported and also every little £1 will add up and between us we can reach the target!

Click here to take a look and back the project.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues and anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you x

Do YOU have to reapply to the CSA?

Posted on 20th March 2015 in child/ children/ CSA/ money

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 19.16.04From June 2014 all new applications for child maintenance are processed via the Child Maintenance Service.

However, a representative of the CSA has confirmed to me today that ALL existing CSA cases are going to be closed.


She advised me that this process has commenced and that within the next six months to two years ALL cases with the CSA will be closed and anyone wishing to use the service will have to reapply to the CMS (Child Maintenance Service), for which there will be fees.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 18.55.34

It has rules, like Fight Club, the first rule of the Child Maintenance Service is that you must talk to the Child Maintenance Service before you can talk to the Child Maintenance Service…


There will be a £20 fee to apply to the CMS and then there will be a deduction of 4% from the maintenance paid to the person receiving the payment and there will be a 20% fee charged to the person making the payment.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 18.55.45

So a little example for you – if the person making the payment has 2 children and therefore pays 20% of their salary, they will then pay and extra 20% of that amount in fees to the CMS. If that person is already in arrears, the CMS will endeavour to capture those arrears as quickly as possible, often increase the amount taken by a further 20% – leaving the person making the payment with virtually none of their salary!

I queried this with her and she said it is meant to encourage people to make family arrangements rather than use the service. That’s fine, except that most people using the service do so because the absent parent refuses to pay and is often out of contact entirely. So this system will penalise those who actually need it most.

This is utter madness.

Below is a list of what this new service will do for its money. Yes, it is exactly what the CSA does now.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 18.55.57


For further information please see this article by Gingerbread.

Or visit the Government information page here.

The Three Wise Monkeys #100WCGU

Posted on 16th March 2015 in 100WCGU

Three monkeys

The three wise monkeys they called themselves,

So crafty, so cunning and full of stealth.

Now that monkey three,  he’d said some stuff,

And as for monkey two, he’d heard enough,

Then little monkey one he could take no more –

The things he’d seen, made him cry and roar.

So the three monkeys went their separate ways,

They roamed around, alone for days.

Had each monkey known the other was a friend

They could have talked and worked a way to mend.

Instead each of them worried that no one cared.

How clever they could have been, if only they’d shared.

Created for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #171

Guess Who’s Back…

Posted on 14th March 2015 in Blog/ cat

Happy Cat

As the title suggests, after a brief (2 year) hiatus, I feel like returning to blogging – so, for now at least, I’m back!


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