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But My Poor Old Feet #100WCGU – week 153

Posted on 25th May 2015 in 100WCGU

#100WCGUWearily he answered the phone hoping it wasn’t another job.

‘Sixteen people across town, Cyril.’ Came the gruff order from his boss, no please, thank you or if you can. Just an order barked out with the expectation that it would be fulfilled.

He went to the pick-up point, collected his passengers and skilfully transported them; navigating muddy roads, leafy twig-ridden forest paths and slippery moss-covered stones.

Once back home again Cyril the centipede eased himself into comfy position, undid 100 sets of laces and began to nod off when suddenly the phone rang… ‘but my poor old feet…’ he cried.footprints



Are YOU Driving A Killer Car? I Am.

Posted on 25th May 2015 in Recall Notice


28.5.2015 Update: As if by magic the part is now available and my airbag is being replaced tomorrow morning…

26.5.2015 UPDATE – I have contacted my local Honda dealership who have advised me that the parts required to fix this fault are not available in the UK and they do not know when they will be. They say the parts have never been available since the recall notice was first issued several months ago.

I’ve received a recall notice for my car.

Further investigation reveals that my car could kill me or at the very least blind me if the air bag goes off. Millions of other cars are affected.

Please, please check using the links below, to see if your car has been recalled. There have already been six deaths and hundreds of injuries.

As I understand it, for this recall, the main cars involved are: Acura, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saab, Subaru and Toyota.Takata quote

Honda are recalling 300,000 cars in the UK and say they are ‘reviewing’ the news that led to the recall, which came from safety experts in the US. Toyota UK are recalling 160,000 cars with airbags made by Takata and say they are also reviewing the US announcement and will ‘respond as necessary’. All customers will have the fault repaired for free – but Nissan, who are recalling 100,00 UK vehicles, confirmed they won’t be writing to customers to inform them until next month.

So far, the fault has been linked to six deaths in Honda cars, five in the US and one in Malaysia.

Airbag injuries

The image above shows the injuries endured by Stephanie Erdman, of Destin, Florida who said her life ‘changed forever’ when she lost part of her vision after she had an accident in her model Honda Civic in 2013.

‘My accident involved moderate frontal impact. The headlights of the vehicle weren’t broken. My passenger had mild scrapes and bruises,’ she said. Although it was just a minor accident, Stephanie suffered severe injuries to her face, when her airbag exploded, leaving a piece of shrapnel embedded in her right eye and neck.

‘Since that day, I have endured multiple surgeries and therapy. I have more of them to go. My vision will never be the same. I will never be the same,‘ she told the inquiry.

Check to see if YOUR car is on a registered recall list (for any fault) here.

Check to see if YOUR car is on the Honda recall list here.

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Supporting Sisters #TheHomelessPeriod #CharityTuesday

Posted on 19th May 2015 in #charitytuesday/ charity/ colchester/ homelessness

Supporting SistersPhoto courtesy of Supporting Sisters

Every so often I hear of something so screamingly obvious that I can’t believe a) I’ve never thought about it before and b) that it didn’t already exist. Today I have heard of just such a thing.

Supporting Sisters is a new charity that collects and distributes sanitary products and underwear to homeless women via the Colchester Night Shelter. Supporting Sisters believe that all women deserve to be comfortable when their time of the month comes, whoever and wherever they are. Supporting Sisters Logo

They accept donations of brand new underwear and sanitary products. They are able to accept individual products as long as they are individually wrapped. For further details of how to donate please keep an eye on their facebook page where they will also advertise events in order to raise money and awareness.

Seeing this made me wonder how many other towns are running similar schemes, if you know of any local to you please add the details in comments.

Here is a recent Telegraph article about #TheHomelessPeriod.

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