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Free Money? Yes, really…

Posted on 26th June 2015 in children/ debt/ family/ money

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 18.41.14Free money! Yes, literally and yes, really… I have been using KidStart when I buy things on the internet – M&S, Amazon, Sainsburys, Expedia, Mothercare, Boden, Disney, Boots, Wickes, Debenhams, for tickets, furniture, clothes, hotels, trips, gifts, shopping, clothing, comparision sites etc etc etc. So long as I click through to the site via KidStart then they pay me a percentage straight into a bank account for one of the boys.

It is literally that simple, you just need to remember to go via the KidStart website first. At Christmas and holiday times you can receive quite a lot of FREE money – it makes it kinda rude not to :)

Take a look for yourself

Encompassing Darkness #100WCGU Week 156

Posted on 22nd June 2015 in #writingworkshop/ 100WCGU

In front of them, the sky was dark and brooding and the old shack stood cold and alone. Her voice was quiet, barely audible in the eerie silence that filled the room. ‘It scares me,’ she whispered ‘the all encompassing darkness is closing in, I can feel panic rising in my chest.’

‘Try focussing on the light underneath, the brightness of a new dawn – a new future.’ He pointed at the brighter patch of sky before laughing and moving on to the next picture, deftly swiping a full champagne flute off of a passing waiter and without a backward glance.


This is my entry into week 156 of the 100 word challenge for grown ups – to see more or to enter for yourself, click here.

What Is A Blurt BuddyBox?

Posted on 2nd June 2015 in #charitytuesday/ Blurt/ depression

Buddy Box#WIN – everyone who posts an image on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram of their buddy or one of the captioned Blurt images with the hashtag #BlurtBuddyBox, will be entered to win one of two annual BuddyBox subscriptions, worth £222. Two winners will be announced on Monday 15 June, 2015.

Launched on 1 June 2015, The Blurt Foundation’s new BuddyBox subscription box makes a thoughtful gift for anyone affected by depression. And if you’re living with depression, buying a subscription for yourself is a great way to enjoy a little self-care.

Every month, The Blurt Foundation will create a special box filled with things to help, inspire and comfort those with depression. Each box will have a different theme – for example, products and tips for a good night’s sleep or items to recharge the body and mind and each BuddyBox can be personalised with a special note for the receiver.

If you know someone struggling with depression, it can be difficult to show your support. Often a chat over coffee or an extra-tight hug is enough, but there might be times you want to do a little bit more. Depression can’t be treated with ‘things’, but these clever care packages will let a loved one know you’re thinking about them. And that’s a very nice thing.

Blurt Buddy Box

Depression can make you feel like a burden to those around you and there’s an inclination to withdraw from friends and family. When you feel someone withdrawing from you, it can be difficult to know how to bridge the gap. Seeing a friend or loved on suffer from depression is a challenge in its own right.” Says Jayne Hardy, The Blurt Foundation’s Founder and CEO. “You want to help but you’re not always sure where to begin. Finding the right words can be hard. A BuddyBox says so much – “I care about you”, “I’m here for you”, “you do matter”, “I’m sorry you’re struggling”, “you are loved”. It opens the channels of communication, letting someone know, you’re fighting their corner against depression.”

Pricing and Availability

The BuddyBox is available to order now at with a one-off BuddyBox costs £21.50 and monthly recurring subscriptions prices start from £21.50. (Quarterly, 6-monthly and annual discounted subscriptions available.)

Coupon Code ILOVEBUDDYBOX gives customers a 10% discount on all orders and doesn’t expire until 30 June, 2015.

About The Blurt Foundation

Buddy Box

Be Careful What You Wish For #100WCGU week 154

Posted on 1st June 2015 in 100WCGU

Attempting to distract herself she felt the wall for the 62 scratches she’d made to mark off  her best estimate of the days. She’d set her clock by the arrival of her daily meal – with no real idea of whether it came regularly.

Her clothes were baggy now, all those times she’d wished to be thin, this wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind.

Counting helped but didn’t block out the pain as he applied ever more pressure to her throat. He seemed disappointed that she didn’t struggle but her fight was all gone. Please, she thought, please let me sleep.


This gruesome little post is my entry into week 154 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – click on the image to see the other entries or to enter for yourself. 

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