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Warum Ich Dich Liebe

Ich liebe dein Gesicht Deine lächelnden Augen Die Tiefe deines Herzens Deine bezaubende Seele Ich liebe dich für deinen Mut Für die Intensität deiner Gefühler Ich liebe, dass du solche Barmherzigkeit zeigst Und, dass es nichts gibt was du nicht teilen würdest Ich liebe, dass ich an dich glaube Ohne Frage, ohne Zweifel Ich liebe, […]

Pillowcase Dresses #CharityTuesday

My post for #CharityTuesday this week really sums up how the simplest of ideas can have a wonderful and inexpensive affect.  I’ll now hand you over to Louise who can tell you all about the pillowcase dresses – if you think you can help her please get in touch xx Earlier in the year an […]

Alexander’s Charity Ball 2012 #charitytuesday

I am really quite humbled and proud to run this incredibly moving #charitytuesday guest post. Please read and then RT and spread the word that amazing items are needed for the auction at the 2012 ball. Let me introduce you to an incredibly brave lady called Nicola… Hi I’m Nicola 31 and a busy wife married […]

I Love The Twitter #Spooks!

I love watching Spooks and I love the #spooks on twitter, can’t believe this is the last series. But who are they? So far I have found: The one and only @Dimitri_MI5 who is played by the very pretty Max Brown. Rather spookily (no pun intended) a girl at work and I were discussing The Deep […]

How Do YOU Choose A School?

With the 31st October deadline for secondary school applications looming, and several recent conversations I have had with people who are moving house NOW in order to be in their desired catchment, I am wondering how people choose their school places. • Do you just opt for the nearest school? • Do you go by […]

Colchester Hospitals Charity – Santa Fun Run! #CharityTuesday

Colchester Hospitals Charity Santa Fun Run Sunday 11 December 2011 Castle Park, Colchester fundraising@colchesterhospital.nhs.uk Thanks CoffeeCurls for inviting Colchester Hospitals Charity to guest blog on Charity Tuesday about the Santa Fun Run 2011. Santa’s Warm up in Castle Park The Santa Fun Run raises money for Colchester General Hospital and Essex County Hospital, to buy […]

Wot No Lollipop Lady?

UPDATE: There is a vacancy for a school crossing patrol assistant in Colchester if anyone is interested in applying please click here for details… I am genuinely saddened to have received a text from my youngest child’s school (in Colchester) today saying that as of tomorrow there will no longer be a school crossing patrol […]