If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Posted on 9th October 2010 in bluebottle grove/ English Heritage/ family/ fire/ free days out/ lexden earthworks/ trees

We have an open fire in the lounge which is lovely but does use a lot of wood.

Today’s mission for the children was to collect kindling and sticks from the nearby woods. We are very fortunate to live 5 mins away from Lexden Earthworks and BlueBottle Grove which are banks and ditches of  late Iron Age defences protecting the western side of Camulodunum (pre-Roman Colchester). There are also many pre-Roman graves, including Lexden Tumulus, allegedly the burial place of the British chieftain Cunobelinus.

This is – apparently – an awesome climbing tree

Wood stock now nicely replenished :)

Sorry for picture quality – all from my phone.

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