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Support Your Local Charity Shops

Posted on 15th September 2015 in #charitytuesday/ charity/ Charity Greetings

The Street StoreCharity Shop Chic seems to the new big thing and your high street almost certainly contains a hidden gem of a charity store. I live in quite a small town, ‘market village’ I believe it likes to call itself, yet it boasts at least 5 charity shops.

I’ve yet to become a skilled charity shopper but it’s something that I would like to improve upon as I often read with jealousy about other more prudent shoppers who seem to effortlessly find beautiful and inexpensive clothing, jewellery and antiques all the time.

A project I’d like to see spread to the UK is pop-up charity shop The Street Store, click here for more details of this excellent scheme.

One thing I do regularly buy from charity shops is greetings cards, my nearest shop does a beautiful and quirky range of cards that I’ve not seen anywhere else and they are only 79p per card! Great quality too, I make a point of stocking up whenever I’m passing. It’s a step in the right direction I guess!

What do you like to buy from charity shops – share your best find with me?


First ever Facebook card shop is launched by Dogs Trust #charitytuesday

Posted on 24th January 2012 in #charitytuesday/ Charity Greetings/ Dogs Trust

Regular readers will know that I’m more of a (mad) cat lady than a dog person, so this week for #CharityTuesday I’m handing the page over to Crage Hartzel from Charity Greetings to tell you all about an exciting new way to donate to The Dogs Trust:

UK charity Dogs Trust has launched the first greeting card shop on social networking site Facebook.

The interactive card shop sits on the Dogs Trust Facebook page and allows users of the site to send greeting cards to friends and family.

Fundraising greeting card firm, Charity Greetings pioneered the new card buying platform and is delighted to launch it with such a high profile charity.

Founder of Charity Greetings, Craig Hartzel said: “There are 800 million Facebook users worldwide, and it’s estimated that 1 in 6 web pages looked at in the UK is a Facebook page.

“It seems only right to treat Facebook as if it is a separate Internet platform. For this reason it makes sense to integrate our charity card shop technology within Facebook’s pages to help charities.

“Dogs Trust understands the power of social media and we’re excited to be helping them while pioneering this exciting greeting card Facebook revolution.”

Users of the networking site can send greeting cards for every occasion all from within Facebook.

Users also have the opportunity to send a donation to Dogs Trust at the same time as sending the card, which helps the charity to raise much needed funds.

Jacqui O’Beirne, Digital Manager of Dogs Trust said: “We’re always looking at new ways to raise awareness of the charity and our current online card shop is consistently providing a new stream of revenue for us.

“Being the first charity to launch the Facebook card shop was an easy decision for us and we can’t wait for our 230,000 fans to start using the platform.”

Supporters can visit the new Facebook card shop at

Charity Greetings aim is to empower millions of people to raise millions of pounds for charity, all without the need for a single marathon being run. Their platform makes this possible, enabling people to connect and give regularly; helping good causes… one card at a time.

Every card purchased raises money for charity, and supporters can also make a voluntary donation as a gift to their recipient when they buy a card.

In the UK alone we spend £1.47 billion on greeting cards, that’s on average 31 cards each a year. 47 cards are sold every second of every day.

Take a look for yourself and can send charity cards from

If you are a charity find out more at

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