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C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon TAKE THAT!

Posted on 15th July 2010 in Crushes

….and PARTY!

You know what they say ‘you can take the girl out of her teens, but you can’t take the teen out of the girl’…. hmmm, no, that’s not right. Was it something about horses and where they prefer to drink? Or was it more about mountains? No idea now. Anyway, my badly made point is that I’m pretty sure any girl who screamed herself hoarse watching Take That way back when, will admit to being a teensy bit excited about todays news ;o)

I was a bit late to the ‘fancying pop stars’ party. My friends at school all swooned over George Michael (no comment) and Duran Duran, whereas I would say I liked the music of KLF, The Shamen, Alexander O’Neal, Mel & Kim, Poison, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Matt Bianco, Bon Jovi, Cameo, Oran Juice Jones, Run DMC etc but I liked them because I liked their MUSIC….

I remember the day I first became aware of Take That. I was all grown up and at my boyfriend’s house in Boston, Lincs. He and his brother were both kick boxing instructors so there was no shortage of fit men around. Top of The Pops was on, and the brother said “oh I suppose you fancy these too?” I looked up and saw:

I remember thinking, ‘yes, yes I do’ whilst loudly protesting that I’d never heard of them, but from that day onwards my love affair with Take That began.

I think it was the video for Could It Be Magic that cemented our relationship (me & Take That) dear lord, I thank you for that day.

Lordy, Mr Mark Owen, I loved you a big lot in this vid….. and Mr Robbie Williams I have to confess I lusted after you just a tad too.

I watched their videos over and over and over. I knew every word to every song. I had posters, books, badges – I literally joined the fan club. I wrote to Gary, I think at one point I did actually believe that if only he could meet me Mark Owen would realise I was the one for him… The kick boxer boyfriend came and went, but Take That were always there for me.

Another boyfriend, aware that he had to compete, played Back For Good for me on his guitar. Bless, that was actually quite sweet, but let’s face it – he wasn’t Take That!

I have seen them live 3 times, once with Robbie and twice without. I have to admit that by the time Robbie left I wasn’t that upset because I was massively and exclusively into Mark by then. I do however, remember my flat mate crying. We shared a flat on Oxford Road in Colchester, it was a ‘very nice’ part of town, an octagonal building, posh, with Laura Ashley sofa and a fecking great framed pic of Mark Owen on the lounge wall ;o)

I have reluctantly grown up a little since then and fortunately am no longer obsessed with pop stars (although I am still a boy band fan…) but I loved Robbie anew when he released Angels, what a bloody great song.

I was so, so pleased for Gary when Patience came out – it proved to everyone again how great HE was, after being trounced by the Robster.

My friends who I went to see TT with recently said I was ’embarrassing’, but then again they said that when we saw Jason Donavon too, and Savage Garden (he is SO pretty) oh, and when we saw Let Loose….

Anyway, I hope this TT reunion is being done for the right reasons and I hope that some more life changing (yes, I actually used those words) songs are to be released real soon.

C’mon boys, relight my fire!

I is for… It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time meme

Posted on 25th May 2010 in Blog/ car park/ Crushes/ gin/ it seemed like a good idea at the time/ meme/ SAS

I am honoured, emotional, surprised, unprepared and deeply grateful to be one of the very first recipients of the ‘It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time’ meme award.

This is a BRAND NEW meme created by Jon in his great blog.

First, and foremost, in order to abide by the rules, I need to thank Jon for the honour that he has bestowed upon me. “Thank YOU Jon”

Now for the rules, I have ‘cut & paste’ these from Jon’s blog and am a little alarmed at the absence of points 3 & 6 – Jon?

So here are the rules for this one:

1. you have to thank the person that tagged you by tagging them back!

2. Use the picture in your post.

4. Tell everyone 5 things you did in your life that seemed like a good idea at the time!

5. Nominate 7 other people to do the same and link to there blogs.

7. Let the people you have nominated know.

And so, my 5 things that Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time:

1. In a nightclub, guy comes up and asks me to dance. So I ask a friend to hold my drink and I say yes…. reason this was a mistake? See A is for…

2. At school, age 15, my boyfriend was 23 (should stop that one there really!) he used to drop me off at school in his white porsche and kiss me goodbye in the school car park. CRINGE.

3. I once let someone go that I probably shouldn’t have. Trouble with that is that they chose to go so I guess keeping them would have been kidnap?

4. In the car park where I park for work, the concrete posts are in a ridiculous position for anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to park a car in there…you have to swing round REALLY close to the post. Anyway, will let the picture below do the talking on this one – needless to say the car on the right is mine…

5. Hmmm, number 5. I’m really stuck on 5. Don’t get me wrong – have done loads of stupid things – maybe, no, what about, oh no, erm – ok, I once went out with a guy who was a trainee accountant, but, told me he was also in the SAS… and I believed him. Yes, yes, as it turns out he was married.

And so, to tag 7 others, groan 7? really? do you know how much gin I’ve drunk?


Go for it guys xx

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