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M is for… MADs!

Posted on 25th April 2010 in adultery/ benefits/ Blog/ caffe nero/ cats/ Cattery/ child/ Christopher Biggins/ coffee/ cream/ Cry/ customer service/ debt/ divorce/ doctors/ eczema/ Elvis/ Feral/ guarantor/ health/ house/ Itchy & Scratchy/ James Blunt/ Kreativ Blogger/ MADs/ Rihanna/ self esteem/ skin/ son/ starbucks/ steroids/ Take That/ Titanic/ Twitter/ Vets/ writing workshop

Blimey O’reily my name has popped up in the MADs list!

I wonder if it was my rants about coffee and customer service?

My frustration over my son’s battle with eczema?

My honest account of my recovery after the breakdown of my marriage?

Maybe it was learning that Dermot O’leary used to lay on my desk?

My tale of a random act of kindness?

Maybe someone liked reading about my cats Elvis and Maisy?

I doubt it was my infinite playlist….

Whatever it was I am very grateful to Twitter and the blogging world because it is really fun to share experiences with people, I’ve been reduced to tears (both of sadness and laughter) from other peoples blogs and I know I don’t stand a hope of winning with my 7 posts, but it is still pretty cool to take part!

If you would like to vote for me – I’d be delighted! Just click here and then enter my blog name into the areas where you’d like to nominate.


R is for… Random Acts of Kindness – Pay It Forward

Posted on 22nd April 2010 in adultery/ benefits/ child/ counselling/ Cry/ debt/ divorce/ guarantor/ house/ self esteem/ son/ writing workshop

R is for… Random Acts of Kindness – Pay It Forward

I looked at the lovely Josie’s Writing Workshop prompts again this week and thought – nah there is nothing there I can write anything about… Kept looking back and running through the list and kept coming up with the same answer – nope nothing there for me. But it was obviously still in my thoughts, as when I was getting dressed this morning a random act of kindness came to mind.

So. R is for… Random Acts of Kindness – Pay It Forward

If you’ve read A is for… And Then He Left Me you will know that in 2004 I was left in a bit of a bastard situation.

During that time although I experienced some incredibly low points I also experienced some amazing acts of random kindness that served as a lesson to me that I will never forget. That lesson being – pay it forward.

As mentioned in A is for… And Then He Left Me I was bailed out of having to move my children to another town to live in a B&B by a ‘friend’ who stood guarantor for me on a rental agreement. What I didn’t say was that this person, who we shall call W, had only known me for 2 weeks when they did it. I never once asked them to do it, in fact I seem to recall that I refused point blank, but W insisted. The letting agency initially turned them down because they had only known me for 2 weeks but, undeterred, W somehow magically sorted it out and my tenancy was approved.

It isn’t normally in my nature to accept things off people, especially people that I hardly know, however there was no financial risk to W (unless I missed payments which I knew that I wouldn’t) and I really had no other option so I begrudgingly accepted this kind and generous offer.

The generosity didn’t stop there though, after learning that my ex-husband wasn’t contributing financially, W then bought my 2 boys ALL their school uniform for the new September term – including PE kit, pencil cases, lunch boxes, shoes and winter coats! PLUS new Star Wars duvets sets and PJs. (And a mysterious deposit of cash – although W denied any involvement in this….)

This is where it got a bit tricky for me and my morals as suddenly money was actually involved. W had bought things and I had no money with which to pay W back. When I, repeatedly, raised this as an objection W’s one and only answer was always: “Pay it forward – if at some point in the future you are ever in a position to help someone who genuinely needs help, you can pay me back by helping them.”

I know this post probably sounds a little unbelievable, but I assure you it is completely true. There were absolutely no strings. I only ever knew W for a short period of time but they made a huge difference to my self-esteem and my belief in human nature and the kindness of strangers.

W used to say that it was redressing the balance, just ‘righting a wrong’, ie my ex-husband had wronged me and W was putting it right. I thank you W from the bottom of my heart.

F is for… 5 songs that make ME meme

Posted on 19th April 2010 in Clubber/ Cry/ James Blunt/ jason mraz/ Mr Vain/ Rihanna/ savage garden/ Take That/ Titanic/ Uncategorized/ wedding

F is for….5 songs that make me cry

I was tagged by the lovely Julia to take part in the infinite playlist. I’m not overly familiar with the format of that meme so forgive me if I’ve done it all wrong! This meme was originally created by Liz from LivingWithKids which I am sure everyone except me knew! Thanks Liz, I’ve enjoyed looking through songs from my memory, could’ve posted lots more!

Firstly, because I’m a soppy old bugger at heart. The theme to Titanic. I remember sitting in the cinema counting ceiling tiles to try and stop myself from crying…

The second song I didn’t realise still upsets me until I heard it the other day in Accessorize and suddenly felt that ‘lump in the chest’ feeling that you get when you are hit by emotional sadness. If I may remind you of my ex-husband he who treated me so badly in A is for….and then he left me. Well about 9 months after he left, he decided the grass wasn’t greener after all and decided that he wanted to come back. (Good luck with that.) One of his tactics was to tell the kids that he would come back ‘if mummy would let him’, another was to buy me the James Blunt album with a little post it note on it saying ‘Track 4 xxx’. So, I only had a little hand held CD player (which I’d bought to play a self hypnosis disc on as I couldn’t sleep) and once the boys were in bed I sat down and listened to track 4. The first time I played it I absolutely sobbed. Then, I played it again and I got really, really ANGRY – first line ‘Did I disappoint you’, yes ex husband I did find it a little disappointing when you ran off with someone else and left me homeless!

Cheery this isn’t it! And onto song 3. Can’t do any more sad ones, so have just changed the title to 5 songs that make ME, hope that is ok. Song 3 therefore is Take That – Do What You Like – and if you’ve never seen this video it is worth a watch as it is the boys as you will never have seen them before! Cod pieces, spangles, bleached hair and lots of waxed chests! Boys what were you thinking? Lol. I love Take That and have seen them 3 times :o)

Songs 4 & 5 are the first 2 songs that played at my wedding. The second one I chose and asked the DJ to play without my husband ever having heard it before – though him apparently he likes it now!

Song 6. Back in the day I was a bit of a clubber… This one could have been one of many, I toyed with I’ve Got A Little Something For Ya, She’s Got That Vibe, Return of the Mack, Raindrops, Fire Starter, I Luv U Baby, U Sure Do…. but in the end I went for Mr Vain.

Last one, hmmmmm going with what I’m listening to in the car at the moment which is Rihanna. There are 2 in particular that I play over and over, this is the first:

and this is the second:

Sorry, I know that I got to 8 songs in the end!

Now I get to tag some others…. I’d like to see what SingleDadsDiary, HimUpNorth, MyDaddyCooks, Spences10 and Prymface will do with this one. So over to you guys – let’s hear your 5 songs that…..

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