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Supporting Sisters #TheHomelessPeriod #CharityTuesday

Posted on 19th May 2015 in #charitytuesday/ charity/ colchester/ homelessness

Supporting SistersPhoto courtesy of Supporting Sisters

Every so often I hear of something so screamingly obvious that I can’t believe a) I’ve never thought about it before and b) that it didn’t already exist. Today I have heard of just such a thing.

Supporting Sisters is a new charity that collects and distributes sanitary products and underwear to homeless women via the Colchester Night Shelter. Supporting Sisters believe that all women deserve to be comfortable when their time of the month comes, whoever and wherever they are. Supporting Sisters Logo

They accept donations of brand new underwear and sanitary products. They are able to accept individual products as long as they are individually wrapped. For further details of how to donate please keep an eye on their facebook page where they will also advertise events in order to raise money and awareness.

Seeing this made me wonder how many other towns are running similar schemes, if you know of any local to you please add the details in comments.

Here is a recent Telegraph article about #TheHomelessPeriod.

NOAH Enterprise

Posted on 23rd November 2011 in homelessness/ NOAH Enterprise

If, like me, you are in the process of throwing away old and unwanted items in time for a house move (or even just to make room for new Christmas items) please consider donating rather than sending to the rubbish dump.

NOAH Enterprise in Luton is an excellent example of a charity who would be extremely grateful for your unwanted items.

Here is what they do:

NOAH takes a holistic approach to homelessness and exclusion and no matter which service a person comes to first they are encouraged to make use of as many areas of NOAH as necessary to enable them to reach their potential.

Welfare, Advice and Outreach

Welfare services are at the heart of NOAH. It is through their welfare and outreach services that people most often have their initial contact with NOAH. Services include:

  • Day centre
  • Resettlement and benefits advice
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Counselling
  • Hot meals
  • Healthcare
  • Hygiene
  • Outreach support to help vulnerable people struggling to cope in their own homes

The Welfare Centre is open 365 days a year and is used by over 1,000 people. An additional 60 people are supported at any one time through their outreach work.

I think it is wonderful that services like this exist, and that small donations of items, money or time can mean that you get to a pay a small part in helping someone. Please take a look at their website for more information and to see how you could help too.

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