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Ticked one off

Posted on 8th January 2011 in books/ Little Women/ Michael Connelly/ new year resolutions

As it’s very early January I feel the shadow of my New Year Resolutions weighing down upon me, so I thought I’d better make it at least look as though I intend to action them.

So. Today I have taken Little Women out of the library (I’ll start it just as soon as I’ve finished The Reversal by Michael Connelly…..) no I can’t believe that I’ve never read Little Women before either, but I will be remedying that in the next few days.

Go me.

My New Year Resolution for 2011

Posted on 30th December 2010 in 2011/ new year resolutions/ roller skate

I do vaguely want to do all the usual stuff, you know, be a better person, be a better mum, be a better friend, lose 10 zillion stone, get fit, read more of the classics, acquire a grey kitten… etc

But. Specifically, there is one thing I’d like to do.

Learn to roller skate.

What I’d really like, is to know your NY resolutions too – please tell me in the comments box.

Thanks xx

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