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You Should Visit Wood Green #CharityTuesday

Posted on 27th September 2016 in #charitytuesday/ animal rescue/ animals/ cat/ cat rescue/ poke/ Pokemon/ Pokemon Go

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 15.31.05Being as I am a *keen animal lover (*nutty, passionate, talks to animals etc etc), it should come as no surprise to you to learn that I tend to get my pets from rescue centres.

What I want to share with you today is that you shouldn’t just go to your local rescue centre when you are searching for a replacement for Tiddles, rather you should go there as an enjoyable day out and an opportunity to teach children about the amount of care pets need.

20160917_190417My local rescue centre, Wood Green, has really embraced the idea of engaging with visitors and welcomes people onto its wonderful grounds for many reasons.What can you expect to find? In addition to a wide variety of animals hoping to be rehomed (dogs, cats, ferrets, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, alpacas, mice, gerbils, rats, reptiles etc) you will find a well stocked shop, a friendly cafe with oodles of gluten free items, toilets, free car parking, a memorial garden, beautiful grounds to walk in and even a wedding area!

They also hold regular events in their arena – dog shows, craft fairs etc. Coming up soon they have a sponsored fire walk and they recently held two very successful #PokemonGo evenings, making full use of their 5 pokestops, gym and abundance of Pokemon (including Charmander, Blastoise, Polliwag and Dratini to name but a few).

IMG_20160924_154307So if you fancy somewhere different to take your children, are looking for elusive Pokemon or just somewhere beautiful to enjoy a cup of tea – head over to Wood Green animal shelter.

As for my pets, well I currently have Max and Chopper who both came from Wood Green.

You can read more about Max’s adventures here.
20160924_151846 20160924_151855

Poke Etiquette

Posted on 20th June 2011 in facebook/ poke

I have recently been pondering ‘poke etiquette’ on the evil that is Facebook.

What is the meaning of a poke?

According to Facebook it is:

There are a handful of people who regularly poke me on FB *waves* you know who you are – and maybe you can provide the answer?!

But recently I was poked by someone different (sooooo hard not to say fnarr fnarr at any point) and it made me wonder what had prompted them to do it. The lovely @marketingtomilk did put forward the suggestion that pokes are only received from boys who used to fancy you at school…

Which then made me worry, if I don’t poke back is it rude/impolite?

If I do poke back am I effectively rubbing my knees Vic Reeves stylee and saying c’mon then big boy?

Does anyone know?

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