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The School Place Debacle!

Posted on 17th October 2011 in applying for a school place/ family/ schools/ secondary school

Who would of thought that sending a child to school could become so complicated? I didn’t, somewhat naively as it turns out as apparently it is very very hard indeed. Possibly even harder than splitting the atom.

Brief situational overview:

Child 1 – year 7 – currently at school in county A.

Child 2 – year 6 – currently at school in county A.

Family are living in county A and moving to county B but do not yet have a date for exchange of contracts.

For child 1 in county A, a mid-year out of county application must be made asap. We have been told it will be rejected and that we must then appeal and that we have a 50% chance of winning the appeal – if we can show school class is not ‘full’.

For child 2 in county A, a mid-year out of county application must be made asap and we have a good chance of getting into the school we would like.

For child 2 in county A, a year 7 place (for Sept 2012) in county B must also be applied for by the 31/10/11 – with proof of address in catchment in county B…

Admissions team at county B say we must apply through them.

Admissions team at county A say we must apply through them.

Ideas anyone?

How Do YOU Choose A School?

Posted on 20th September 2011 in department for education/ ofsted/ secondary school

With the 31st October deadline for secondary school applications looming, and several recent conversations I have had with people who are moving house NOW in order to be in their desired catchment, I am wondering how people choose their school places.

• Do you just opt for the nearest school?

• Do you go by the Department for Education’s guide which shows the % of pupils at the end of KS4 achieving Level 2 including English and Maths? If so, what percentage do you consider acceptable or unacceptable?

• Do you let your child choose?

• Would you (or have you) move house to get into catchment?

• Do you go by the ofsted report – if so what makes a difference to you?

• If the school you had choosen had just announced that it was now an Academy would that affect your decision?

If you aren’t sure which catchment area you fall in, or your likelihood of being accepted, have you tried the Good Schools Guide interactive catchment finder? Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. 

I would love to hear how and why you have chosen your secondary schools – maybe you had a reason for choosing which I’ve not even thought of!

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