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A City That Sparkles #thegallery

Posted on 15th December 2010 in #thegallery/ Alice In Wonderland/ Central Park/ Empire State Building/ Imagine Memorial/ New York/ NYC/ NYFD/ Patricia Arquette

For the gallery prompt this week, I am going to share with you a city that sparkles. NYC is amazing, there is nowhere else on earth that sounds and smells like New York City. I love it. I hope you do too.

The underground Apple store *dribbles*


Chandelier in the hotel lobby (DH says he bumped into Patricia Arquette in the lift…..)


Ok so I don’t know what these buildings are called and I probably should, but much like the Toronto building in @themoiderer‘s gallery entry, the clouds almost seem to pass through the building because of the expanse of glass.


It don’t get no sparklier than a New York fire truck! *salutes the boys*


The Empire State Building shot through the supports of the Brooklyn Bridge. Apparently (although not shiny or sparkly) the brown buildings in front are some of the only remaining rent controlled apartments in New York – according to the tour guide anyway.


This massive Alice In Wonderland statue was a huge sparkly surprise in the middle of the park.


Central Park is full of gorgeous magnolia trees.


Although this doesn’t physically sparkle (although it might if it were clean….) the atmosphere around it does, there is a tangible sense of emotion in the air surrounding this memorial.

Show Me The Funny #TheGallery

Posted on 3rd November 2010 in #thegallery/ New York

For this weeks Gallery entry – I give you my boys in the stocks. Followed by giant sofas, followed by 2 racoons in a tree (had to take the photo after hearing 2 parents explaining to their children that the ‘mummy racoon and the daddy racoon were having a special cuddle’ and finally, because I have an utterly puerile sense of humour, an advert from the New York Subway.

The Colour Red #thegallery

Posted on 20th October 2010 in #thegallery/ give blood/ the colour red

Yet again I seem to be slightly abusing (cheating) the blog prompt – Sorry AGAIN Tara – but a conversation I had with someone today seemed to me to be worthy of a mention.

Unlike this person, I’m not usually allowed to give blood. There are a list of exclusions. The first time I tried, believe it or not, I was refused for not weighing enough. Anyone who knows me now will find that reasonably astounding I am sure, but it’s true! Now
they aren’t too keen because of my thyroid condition, although once it is stable again they might let me apparently.

However, the person I spoke to today was on their way to give blood and they casually mentioned that had done it over 30 times. Which I think is pretty cool. Wonder if there is some kind of award for that, maybe one of those ‘I gave blood bug things’ you know the ones
little fuzzy round things that stick on. Anyway. I think giving blood is a pretty amazing and selfless thing to do, giving blood more than 30 times – got to be heroic surely?

So, this is a prompt, for each and every one of you who is eligible to click here find your nearest donation site and register to give blood TODAY.

Go on, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, honest.

Once you’ve done that, why not pop over to The Gallery at Sticky Fingers to see the other entries?

Photos #thegallery

Posted on 13th October 2010 in #thegallery

I know the prompt was for one favourite photo but I can’t pick one. Sorry. I know it’s the whole point of it and I’m spoiling it for everyone and I’m sorry….

You all remember ‘the bear‘ don’t you? Well here he is when he used to look plump and fluffy! Still have that table too – it’s a bit wibbly but my mac now sits upon it.

Oldest son may actually kill me for the next picture…. so shhhhhh no one tell him ok?!

Last one – as requested by @himupnorth – I said I used to be a clubber, I didn’t lie….

Back to school – #TheGallery

Posted on 8th September 2010 in #thegallery/ School Governor

New beginnings, fresh slate, clean start blah…blah…blah. The start of the new term currently fills me with DREAD for one reason and one reason only.

It’s not because the 11+ is looming and I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t honestly mind if he passes the 11+ or not – yes honestly. We live very near an excellent comprehensive school and I’ll be very happy for him to go there. It is his decision to try for the 11+. He is a wonderful boy, clever, sensitive, talented and kind – I know he will make me oh so proud no matter where he goes.

It’s not because of the school uniform palarva – I sorted that nice and early with the help of @KidStart

It’s not because of the school run (although I do loathe it with a passion).

It is because of the reason for 215 of the emails in my inbox, and this:

In April of this year I became a school governor, I went into it blindly, I had no actual idea what it entailed or that it was a 4 year commitment…

I am scared of being a school governor. I don’t understand it properly, I sit at the meetings (that I can ill afford the time for) and I try to look as though I know what I’m doing, but, I don’t.

I haven’t even managed to book myself on any courses yet – how hard can it be?

I am not a person who likes to admit to weaknesses so my personal challenge now is to turn this around, to become the best governor that I can be, to actually be of some use to the school and the local community.

Don’t let me put you off being a governor yourself – if you are interested take a look at this website.

Wish me luck?!

Endless Love #TheGallery #Blogladesh

Posted on 29th August 2010 in #thegallery/ 29 August 2010/ beach/ blogladesh/ endless love/ Mersea

Took the boys to Mersea beach on Sunday 29th August – camera in my bag ready to take a nice family snap for my entry into #TheGallery this week.

I did take some nice photo’s of the boys, but the photo I am entering instead is one I took of 2 complete strangers. It was VERY cold on the beach, the wind was blowing a gale and there was lots of rain in the air (we were wearing wellies, jeans and hoodies!). As I turned my face away from yet another sand swirl I spotted 2 people gingerly making their way down the beach. They had bare legs and feet and held hands as they walked across the stones.

This picture was taken on ‘one day in august’ when participating mummy bloggers (and daddy bloggers) ALL took a photo on the 29th August 2010 in support of the mission #Blogadesh

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