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Toby – 100WCGU – Week173

Posted on 2nd November 2015 in #writingworkshop/ 100WCGU/ Crime Fiction/ writing workshop

Toby paused, the agony of loss felt physical, he’d known it was coming but it still hit him like a punch to the heart.

The knowing, the expecting, the anticipating didn’t make it easier; the pain was just as raw and overwhelming as if it had been out of the blue.

He’d loved her. There was no denying it, she was the woman of his dreams and as the flames leapt skyward he knew his heart was breaking.

‘It’s done.’ He spoke the words curtly and ended the call. Turning his back on the burning car he walked away feeling his heart harden with every step.


This week’s prompt for the #100WCGU was:

Weather wise, it feels very strange here in the UK. It is now November but extremely mild. However, we have lots of fog around which makes for great atmosphere for the recent Halloween celebrations and this week, for Bonfire night. Let’s hope the temperature does not drop for November 5th. The prompt has to be around this theme, doesn’t it?!

It is: …as the flames leapt skyward..

If this is your first time here do check out ‘What is 100WCGU?’ for details of how to enter.


Toby – 100WCGU – Week173

Misplaced 100WCGU #week169

Posted on 8th October 2015 in 100WCGU/ writing workshop

Formby WoodsThe sense of relief was palpable, Gina felt an almost euphoric uplift and had to suppress a giggle as she sat down behind the tree.

She thought about texting Michael but decided against it; worrying him unnecessarily seemed pointless, especially now she was convinced she’d imagined it – too many scary movies had obviously left their mark on her mind.

Instead she took a quick selfie, ‘scaring myself witless in the woods’ was the caption that sprang to mind. Suddenly her phone rang disturbing the silence… then, in the middle of the noise she heard a twig snapping behind her and knew her feeling of relief had been misplaced.


This is my entry into the 100 word challenge for grown ups using this weeks prompt …then, in the middle of the noise… to see more entries or to have a go for yourself, please click here.

A Macabre Bake Sale #100wcgu #week168

Posted on 29th September 2015 in 100WCGU/ comedy/ fire/ writing workshop

100wcgu week168The bake sale had gone well and had shifted the bulk of it in a variety of tasty pies, soups and a red hot chilli. It had been a little hard to just give it away so eventually he had to accept payments; just enough to allay suspicion. There would be a certain irony to be enjoyed from donating the proceeds to charity.

The final parts had resisted quick lime, bleach and a rigorous slicing from the electric kitchen knife but were now finally burning gloriously in the Inglenook fireplace. No one will ever know, he thought with a smug smile.


This was my entry into week 168 of the #100WCGU – to see other (lets face it, more pleasant,) entries or to enter for yourself please click here.

Holiday Horror #100wcgu week 166

Posted on 9th September 2015 in #writingworkshop/ 100WCGU/ holiday/ writing workshop

DSCN0177“Are we all agreed?” Sally stood with more determination than she felt as she challenged the group of strangers after they’d finished piling on loose leaves, sand and debris.

A few nodded but most just stared blankly as they sat facing each other, some avoiding eye contact, some sobbing and some staring into the middle distance clearly showing symptoms of shock. The bonhomie and raucous behaviour of the last few days evaporated as they all came to the dawning realisation that their lives were irrevocably altered and intertwined.

Everyone knows holidays make memories but none of them had expected this.

~ ~ ~

This was my entry into the 100 word challenge for grown ups. To read other entries or to find the rules and see how to join in, please click here.

But What Will I Write? #100WCGU #Week160

Posted on 5th August 2015 in #writingworkshop/ 100WCGU/ writing workshop

Earlier in bed, a thousand beautifully arranged words had flowed freely from his mind. Perfect words, that made people cry and then quote afterwards to their friends.

In the shower after work, yet more marvellous words seemed to have added themselves, effortlessly.

Yet now, sat in front of the computer, there was nothing. The well was dry. The creative corners of his mind empty except for metaphoric tumble weed.

“Harry have you done your speech yet?” The shrill voice of his fiance cut through him like a blade.

“But what will I write…?” He replied, picturing her frown of response.

This is my entry into this week’s 100 word challenge for grown ups. To enter yourself or view the other entires, please take a look here.

B is for… Beauty

Posted on 11th November 2010 in beauty/ children/ crescent moon/ friendship/ kittens/ the moon/ writing workshop

I see beauty everywhere, especially at the moment. I see it in leaves, in puddles, in clouds and starry nights. The crescent moon last night made me literally stop my car and try to take a photograph – it was breath taking and awe inspiring. Needless to say the photo didn’t come out right, but I saw it and I remember it and it made me think ‘wow’.

I see it in people – blatantly, obviously, some people are just beautiful to look at. I pass the sixth form students on my way to work and some of them are really quite beautiful, and so young and full of promise, hopes, dreams and life. In other people, their faces may show the ravages of time or stress but their eyes sparkle and the beauty shines through. In others still it is the depths of their personality and the kindness of their soul that reaches out and draws you in. I have one friend who just being near her makes me feel warm and calm – I don’t see her enough as it happens, note to self.

I see it in animals – ok, mainly kittens 😉  Actually that’s not true, although I do adore kittens, I see true beauty mainly in wild animals. That moment in the woods or while driving along when you catch a glimpse of a deer – it’s amazing whatever your age. I think that’s something my children and I love about Centre Parcs – those glimpses of animals which you don’t normally get to see up close. We leave piles of food out for them and then wait. Ok so it backfired a tad with the swan who decided he really, really preferred living INSIDE our chalet but we live and learn…

I hear it in song lyrics, sometimes songs feel like they were written just for me.

I see it in my children – every day. I see the perfect beauty of their faces. I hear it when they laugh. I feel it when they need me. I see the wonderful people that they will become and it fair near breaks my heart because I love them so much.

I see it in memories – magical moments held forever in suspended perfection.

I see it in kindness – some people have patience and kindness that knows no bounds and it’s beautiful.

I see it in films – I love how they can stir up such immense emotions. Be it abject terror, lust, love or even anger, it’s magical.

I see it in the written word. Some people have such a gift for writing, some people truly speak to my very soul and I love it, can’t get enough of it, will never tire of it.

I see it in YOU.

If you want to enter the writing workshop the prompts are as follows:

1. Catch 22 (by Joseph Heller)
– Are you feeling stuck with no discernible way out of something?

2. Coming Up For Air (by George Orwell)
– Write about a time you found peace after a difficult time. Or, alternatively, write about breathing spaces. What helps you re-charge?

3. On Beauty (by Zadie Smith)
– Tell us about finding beauty somewhere unexpected. Or about what beauty means to you.

4. Past Secret (by Cathy Kelly)
– Do you have a secret from your past you are brave enough to share?

5. The Book of Lost Things (by Joseph Connolly)
– Write about something you have lost: emotionally, physically, or metaphorically.

She’s Perfect

Posted on 29th September 2010 in friend/ nobody knows/ Pink/ writing workshop

This post is dedicated to a special lady because right now I know that she is hurting.

I chose prompt 5 ‘imperfection’ from Josie’s writing workshop. I may have turned it on it’s head a little and made it into Perfect but hopefully you’ll forgive me.

Seems to be my week for dedicating Pink songs to people, this one is for you special lady, woman, girl – I won’t name you publicly. I don’t want you to lose your inner voice because it talks sense and sometimes nonsense but both are AWESOME. It may be naff and cliched but it’s the hard stuff in life that makes us who we are, you will get through this and you will be even more fab when you come out the otherside. In the meantime, happy to hold your hand :)

Oh, and, you’re great and do you know what – you WILL change the world.

Nobody knows, nobody knows but me
That I sometimes cry, if I could pretend that I’m asleep
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls
I think nobody knows, nobody knows, no

Nobody likes, nobody likes to lose their inner voice
The one I used to hear before my life made a choice
But I think nobody knows, no no
Nobody knows, no

Baby, oh the secret’s safe with me
There’s nowhere else in the world that I could ever be
And baby don’t it feel like I’m all alone
Who’s gonna be there after the last angel has flown?

And I’ve lost my way back home
I think nobody knows, no
I said nobody knows
Nobody cares

It’s win or lose, not how you play the game
And the road to darkness has a way
Of always knowing my name
But I think nobody knows, no no
Nobody knows, no no no no

Baby, oh the secret’s safe with me
There’s nowhere else in the world that I could ever be
And baby don’t it feel like I’m all alone
Who’s gonna be there after the last angel has flown?

And I’ve lost my way back home
And oh, no no no no
Nobody knows
No no no no no no

Tomorrow I’ll be there my friend
I’ll wake up and start all over again
When everybody else is gone
No no no

Nobody knows
Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart
The way I do when I’m lying in the dark
And the world is asleep

I think nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me

And now, because we need a little lift to bring the mood back up – a little tongue in cheek Pink song.

Please be aware – it’s a bit sweary, so not while the littlies are listening. Doubt there’s a person on earth who can’t relate to this one!

PLEASE press for change – #blogladesh

Posted on 8th September 2010 in bangladesh/ blogladesh/ children/ poverty/ press for change/ writing workshop

Please click on the image above and add your name to the petition.

For more details, please visit the blogs of the ladies who have been to Bangladesh and who can explain the situation more eloquently than me.

Josie –

Sian –

Eva –

One thing, before you go – please click the image. x

D is for… Disgusting

Posted on 20th August 2010 in blogadesh/ disgusting/ tramp/ tsunami/ writing workshop

Writing Workshop Badge

#Writing Workshop.

Prompt 3: Pay attention to a stranger you meet this week or observe, and write about them.

I should point out that I went to town today without having read the #writingworkshop prompts.

I had a hasty lunch today, with my 2 sons. We went into Bakers Oven and I had a chicken roll, some crisps and a diet coke. My 2 boys (who had already had a healthy lunch) were apparently ‘starving’ so they had a sausage roll each.

We sat down in a corner table (I can’t stand having my back to a room, it makes me really uncomfortable) I’d had a quick scan around at the other diners, to  my left there was an older lady with a cup of tea who seemed to be taking in the world. Along from her was a young girl and boy (22ish) with a younger girl (7ish) I paused for a while to think what the relationship might be – sisters and boyfriend? Mum, dad and daughter? Furthest away was a teacher from my children’s last school with a young boy – we discussed the teachers name (I was wrong, the boys were right!). Nearest to us was a hassled looking family, mum in a vest top with bra straps showing, brightly coloured 3/4 trousers (I speculated in an instant on whether or not she was fatter than me – I think she wasn’t…), 2 kids, one who was dancing in the middle of the floor and one who was quietly eating. It flashed through my mind that they should make the girl sit down before my eyes focused on the man sitting in the centre of the room.

He was sitting on his own at a table, he wore a heavy dark coat with a hood that was up. Poking out from under the hood was the peak of a cap. My view of him was completely in profile as he was sitting side on. He had a cup of tea and a fruit scone which was coated in butter and he appeared to have cut it into lots of pieces. When I first noticed him he was licking the knife. Gross, I thought. He was making a really big deal of it and it made me feel a bit sick. I glanced at my boys to see if they’d noticed him but they didn’t seem to have. From their angle they would probably only have seen the back of his head.

I carried on the conversation I was having with my boys, told my youngest that no, we couldn’t go and buy some lego atlantis…. and looked up again, this time the man was sipping the cup of tea, very very slowly, when he had put the cup down he then wiped very slowly at his mouth. It was somehow creepy but I didn’t look away. He cut another bit of the scone and then licked the knife again, I thought it was disgusting – it wasn’t an idle lick of the knife it was a very slow deliberate action and he sat with the knife in his mouth for several long seconds at a time.

We didn’t stay long, I left half my crisps and 3/4 of the bottle of diet coke. We did the other things that we needed to do in town and then walked back along the high street to the car. Half way along the street I spotted the man, he was standing outside the Bakers Oven near a phone booth, still in his heavy black coat with the hood up. He reached into the phone booth and checked the slot for change. I looked at him again and noticed quite how dirty he was, by his feet was a flithy torn rucksack and 4 carrier bags stuffed with full of ‘stuff’.

It dawned on me that he was a rough sleeper. I guess he had somehow got together enough money for that tea and that scone and that the staff at the Bakers Oven were clearly much less judgmental than me and so they’d been kind enough to serve him despite his appearance and let him linger and savour his food. Presumably the reason he was licking that knife with such intent is that he was hungry and he wanted to enjoy every last scrap of his frugal meal.

So, D is for… DISGUSTING. Not him, but me. I hope that he looked at me and thought look at her she shouldn’t be eating those crisps, what is she doing giving those boys sausage rolls for lunch – and how wasteful she is for leaving half of it. But I bet he didn’t, I bet he didn’t even know that we were there because he was too busy enjoying his cup of tea and his fruit scone.

On the radio in the car on the drive home it mentioned people suffering a ‘slow motion tsunami‘. My thoughts turned to the wonderful ladies who are are offering their time to support #Blogadesh and with a touch of well deserved shame I thought about how the man from the cafe or the poor people suffering in Bangldesh and Pakistan would have appreciated the food that I bought and discarded today or the sausage rolls that my boys ‘needed’ even though they’d just eaten.

I’m sorry.

S is for… STORM

Posted on 22nd July 2010 in poetry/ writing workshop

Writing Workshop Badge

So now it’s your turn. What prompt did you choose? 5. Storm

There is a storm coming

Building coils of dread, tighter

I can feel it in every sharp breath

Is it time for fight or flight

There is a storm coming

But will it wash away

Will it cleanse and repair

Or will pain remain

There is a storm coming

The greyness fills me

A leaden weight within

Like spadefuls of cloying wet sand

There is a storm coming

It’s anger is loud, it brings thunder

The greyness wraps me

In a blanket of familiar pain

There’s a storm coming

Do I hide from the dark

Or dance in the streaks of light

How will I know the difference

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