My Son Had A Stammer

Posted on 16th February 2011 in child/ son/ Speech Therapist/ Stammer/ Stutter/ The Kings Speech

I haven’t seen the film yet, but all the hype about The Kings Speech has reminded me of the time when my son had a stammer.

He must have been about 3 or 4 when I could no longer ignore that fact that DS1 was stuttering. He would often seem to get stuck on the first letter of a word or he would repeat the first few words of a sentence over and over.

I admit that I was guilty initially of committing the cardinal sin of speaking for him. I would guess at the word, or phrase, I would finish his sentences for him – sometimes with impatience.

I mentioned it to my Health Visitor and remember being really upset when she immediately referred him to a speech therapist.

My brain was flooded with worries of whether there was something wrong with him, he’d had quite a traumatic birth – had that caused a problem, would he have a stammer forever, would that affect his whole life, would it get progressively worse?

The speech therapist was amazingly reassuring.

She told me that stammering in a child of that age was often an indication of intelligence. Apparently some children stutter because their brain actually works faster than their mouth can!

She gave us some verbal exercises to do, and we saw her 2 or 3 more times. To be honest I think the stammer would have gone by itself just as mysteriously as it arrived, but I don’t doubt that the exercises sped the process up.

DS1 is now 11. He is a very bright articulate boy – looks like she was right!

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  • Reply Naomi 17th February 2011 at 6:40 am

    Its funny isn’t it though that as a sign of intelligence other people hear a child stammer and think that they are behind in their development. We need to change that perception.

    • Reply CoffeeCurls 17th February 2011 at 7:44 am

      You are right Naomi, and I as guilty of it as anyone as it was my first thought. x

  • Reply Rugbymadsdad 18th February 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I had a stutter/stammer at 15/16 think it was a confidence problem but it was horrible, i choose not to talk….Then hit on the idea of listening to Radio 4 and repeating back slowly what the news reader said. This was a big help and i managed to get through it….

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