Week 1 with #FitBit

Posted on 6th April 2016 in health

FitBit weekly stats

I was a little dubious about FitBit and whether it was just a fad for which the novelty would soon wear off. However, I bought my partner one in February and he is still obsessed with it, as is a colleague of mine, so I’ve been ever so sheep like and followed suit!

I now have a FitBit Charge HR and have quickly become disturbingly reliant on knowing what my heart rate is Week one statsand how many flights of stairs I’ve done – did you know that if you carry something upstairs then it doesn’t get recorded. (Yes, this has resulted in me then running back down the stairs empty handed so that I can run up them again and get it added to my daily tally…)

FitBit very kindly sends you a weekly roundup of your stats and some of mine for this week are shown on the right.

I have found FitBit to have a sense of humour as every day when I take it off of charge (I charge it while I am in the shower so as not to miss too many valuable steps!) it displays a little message on the screen! So far I have had:

Step Geek

Bon Jour

Hi There

Climb On

Hold Me

Rock On

Also, and it’s worth pointing out here that I haven’t been actively dieting, I have lost 3lb this week which can only be from all the additional steps. I am genuinely impressed to note that I’ve done nearly 50,000 steps and I know that it would probably be half that amount if it weren’t for the #FitBit making me want to hit my daily goals.


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  • Reply Kimberley Cooper 6th April 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Great! I’ve had mine since August and I find it really useful. Even by just sitting there and silently displaying my (lack of) steps, it’s nagging me to move more. Can’t be a bad thing. My husband took it off charge one day last week, and it flashed Love Ya. He wanted to know who was sending me texts saying that? The only likely person was my sister, but no it wasn’t her. So cue slight awkwardness while I Googled, to find out it’s a standard message. Phew!

  • Reply Emma Jones 3rd September 2016 at 5:04 pm

    I’ve ummed & ahhed about a fit bit but might add to a Christmas list now. #weekendblogshare life in the Mum’s Lane

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