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Made With Love

Posted on 5th July 2012 in boys/ children/ origami

I’m so touched, my lovely boys have just presented me with these ‘for all the lovely things you’ve done for us’ – how sweet is that!

From my dyslexic 10 year old, who has painstakingly followed all the instructions, a paper swan:


And from my 12 year old, who knows I love cats, a cat in a box!

Unusual Cat Beds/Houses

Posted on 27th April 2012 in cat/ Funny Cat Beds

My cats, being conventional creatures, like to sleep on plastic bags, fresh washing and important post or inside boxes that are far smaller than them:

And it’s an arrangement that works well for us. However, some cat owners feel the need to express their love for their cat(s) by buying/making somewhat more unconventional beds for them….

This one combines my love of both macs and cats :)


Think the detailing may be a little wasted on the cat judging by his expression!


This kitty seems very at home in his luxury pad!

This is just too sweet!


I can’t believe someone has actually made this one! It even looks as though the cats are clinging on for dear life…


For the cat who likes to travel…


Not convinced these cats have got the right idea!


And finally, one for the boys, the AT-AT cat bed/house:

Obviously you want to see inside:

Curious Photographs

Posted on 17th March 2012 in Funnies/ funny cats

A little round up of some funny/unusual pics circulating by email at the moment. I think the last one is my favourite.

I can’t credit the source, however would be happy to if I knew the details.

For  more funnies click here or here!

Important Discoveries

Posted on 4th November 2011 in Important Discoveries

Washing Up – no matter how long you leave it, it will not do itself

Bluebottles – never signify anything good

Cats – no matter how many beds, towels, designated throws you provide; they will only sleep on your clean laundry

Laundry – must be related to washing up as it will also not do itself

‘Nothing tastes as good as slim feels’ – is a lie

Cats – if you obstruct your clean laundry, they will sleep on your pillow

Coffee – real coffee that is, smells sooooo good

True Love – if you find it, hold on tight

Beetroot – is awesome

Sweetfire beetroot – could change your life

Kittens – are actually the cutest, most awwwww inspiring thing on god’s green earth

Wine – the sound of cold, dry, white wine being poured has to be one of the best sounds in the world

Unfiled post – multiplies (by 10 every 4 hours) when left unattended

Waiting in for a parcel – can slow time, physicists should look into this

Cats – are better than dogs *hides behind sofa from dog owners*

Handwritten letters – I miss them

Unexpected heartfelt #FFs – give you a warm fuzzy feeling

Trees – are bloody great, I love them

Wasps – are shite

House Hippos – I wish they were real

Cats – also like sleeping in really small boxes

A good book – can lift your soul

A bad book – is like a personal insult

Bees – need protecting, buy a bee box, buy some bee friendly flowers

Grey hairs – do not multiply if you pull them out

Grey hairs – do multiply as soon as you notice them, they just like attention

Full English Breakfast – if cooked right is one of the most satisfying things you can eat

Fruit – meh

Finally a quote, I don’t know who it is by but I think it’s one of the truest things I’ve ever read:

Love isn’t the person you can see yourself with, it’s the one person you can’t see yourself without

Funny Cats

Posted on 7th August 2011 in cats/ funny cats/ lol cats

I believe my favourite to be ‘killer smile’ although ‘ribbons’ and ‘innocent cat’ made me LOL too. Hence them being called LOLcats I guess!

























Fleas, fleas and more fleas!

Posted on 15th July 2011 in cat/ cats/ fleas


My sweet little, butter-wouldn’t-melt, Maisy cat has got fleas.

Before you say it, yes I do treat her with Frontline. I do it every 5 weeks and yet it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job and the poor girl is constantly washing and scratching.

Bizarrely, my other cat, Elvis, doesn’t seem to be similarly afflicted.

I had coffee with a friend today who said that she is also finding the Frontline isn’t keeping the fleas away.

Which made me wonder – is anyone else finding this, and if so have you found a different treatment that works?

Help me get Maisy flea-free!

C is for… Cat Chat

Posted on 6th July 2010 in cats/ charity/ Feral/ kittens/ rehoming centre/ volunteer

I have just added the autumn 10 newsletter for Cat Chat (@CatChatCharity) below and sadly have to say that this is the last one I can do for them due to my current workload.

If you visit the Cat Chat website you can find local rehoming centres near you and view pictures of cats and kittens who need homes. You can find out lots of useful information about cats and pet care, you can seek expert advice and even chat with other pet owners on the Cat Chat forum.

You can also buy gifts for the cat lover in your life!

There are many ways in which you can support the charity and help cats – visit the website now to find out more!


Autumn 10 newsletter:

Summer 10 newsletter:

Spring 10 newsletter:

Winter 09/10 newsletter:

S is for… Sensory Overload

Posted on 9th June 2010 in Blog/ cats/ writing workshop

For prompt 4 of porridge’s writing workshop.

I shouldn’t be here

Would he find out?

I’d promised ‘never again’

Could he find out?

It was so beautiful to look at

I’m just looking, looking can’t hurt can it?

My heart contracted

I looked around, had anyone noticed?

My eyes widened

There was no one here to see

My fingers reached out

Could I? Should I?

I could feel my pulse

Was this love?

I wanted it

Was it lust?

I wanted to touch it

I shouldn’t

I needed it

I know it’s irrational, but I DO NEED IT

I needed to feel it

Just for minute

I needed to hold it

Oh how much I needed to hold it

I tentatively extended a hand

It looked up at me

My fingers brushed it

Oh so soft, so so soft

Our eyes connected

Such intense blue eyes

It blinked at me and I melted

Had anything ever looked so cute?

I guiltily snatched it up

Had anyone seen? I didn’t care

I held it close

Just for minute

I smelt it and buried my face in it’s soft fur

Now I know I love it

It purred

It loves me too!

The object(s) of my desire can be seen here
Any of them obviously, but from a pure ‘kitten porn’ point of view it would have to be the little black one on the left hand side near the bottom or the oh so beautiful little grey bundle about half way down! Forgive me, I have never hidden my love of cats!

V is for… Volunteer

Posted on 2nd May 2010 in Blog/ cats/ child/ divorce/ self esteem/ writing workshop

Am a bit late with my entry for Josie’s Writing Workshop. Like most people (have been reading through the entries!) I have gone for ‘5. Pick an emotion that best represents your state of mind right now and write creatively on that theme.’

The emotion that represents my state of mind is ‘meh’, yes yes, meh is definitely an actual emotion – don’t bother checking the dictionary, it’s there ok!

Am feeling ‘meh’ because sometimes I just don’t feel that I give enough.

I’ve always said that if I ‘won the lottery’ I would:

a) buy my dad a house with a big garden

b) put ‘a chunk’ of money in the bank for my children

c) buy colchester cat rescue

d) buy myself a house

e) do volunteer work for charities

But then it occurred to me that I could actually do volunteer work without having won the lottery. Ok, so I don’t have the time or money to devote my life to it, and I can’t change the world even a teeny bit but I could do something.

So, for the past 6  months I have been a volunteer for a charity called Cat Chat. Now, in my head this should involve baskets of kittens – each of a different colour, but sadly it doesn’t :(

It does, however, involve lots of pictures of cats which is nearly as good! What I do for them at the moment is make their quarterly newsletter, which helps to spread the word about their good work and lets people know about rehoming success stories, as well as highlighting those poor kitties who just can’t seem to find a home. If you do happen to be looking for a feline family member their rehoming pages are a good place to start.

If I ever did win the lottery and could afford devote more time to volunteer work I’m not sure what I’d chose to do. I’d like to help poorly children, or children affected by sadness whatever the cause. Having experienced the shock of having my world turned upside down – I’d like to help support women who find themselves in a scary world after a partner has left them. Today, after reading the article about single dads in Stella magazine, I’d have to say that I’d also like to help men who find themselves in that situation too. I wish I had the brains or the cash to help find a cure for cancer. I wish I could stop bullying. I wish I could cure depression. I wish the world would share it’s money so that we don’t need action aid, or water aid, or even band aid! I wish I could make paedophiles – JUST BLOODY STOP IT. But in the meantime, I’ll settle for cats cats and more cats!

And squash the feeling of ‘meh’ as best I can.

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