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Wear A Blurt Badge With Pride #CharityTuesday

Posted on 6th March 2012 in #charitytuesday/ blog badge/ Blurt/ depression

The good people at Blurt feel strongly that the stigma won’t go away unless we all keep talking. They need YOU to help start a conversation and raise awareness which is why they’ve designed these badges for you. There are many ways you could use them; as an avatar on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or perhaps you have a blog/website and would like to use them on your pages.

NB: copy the orange html coding only to embed on your blog or website. You will need to embed in a widget or the html section of a post. Alternatively, please right click on the image and save on your computer to then upload into your blog.


<pre>  <img src=”×125.jpg” />  <pre>
    <pre>  <img src=”×150.jpg” />  <pre>

So, pick your favourite badge, add it to your blog and let’s all help spread the word together and stamp out the stigma of depression forever.

(Yes, that did rhyme, sorry about that….)

I have no t’internet!

Posted on 12th December 2011 in cold turkey/ SKY/ Twitter

Just a little blog post to say hello to you all *waves* and let you know that since moving house on the 2nd December I have been forced to go ‘cold turkey’ as I have no landline and therefore no broadband!

So my absence from twitter and the known blogesphere is purely down to a technical hitch and I will be back with you all as soon as SKY will let me! (I am really, really disappointed in the service from SKY but that’s a whole other post….)

I will attempt to publish this and hopefully a #charitytuesday post tomorrow.

Who knows, if the powers that be (the temperamental and somewhat intermittent dongle) will allow it, I may even pop up on twitter!

I Love The Twitter #Spooks!

Posted on 23rd September 2011 in Dimitri/ MI5/ Spooks/ Twitter

I love watching Spooks and I love the #spooks on twitter, can’t believe this is the last series.

But who are they?

So far I have found:

The one and only @Dimitri_MI5 who is played by the very pretty Max Brown.

Rather spookily (no pun intended) a girl at work and I were discussing The Deep Fat Fryer episode at work yesterday and saying how much it traumatised us! So consider me scared witless to have been tweeted by @TheDeepFatFryer today asking to be added to the list! Eek. 



















I’m sure there are many more of them! In fact even Dimitri’s pants have their own account  @DimitrisCalvins 

If you like spooks and like twitter then these guys are well worth a follow, they interact, are entertaining and somehow seem to manage to keep up with information about the people they tweet!

I know, I know it’s not really Dimitri who tweets me. I do know, honest. I realise it must be a 17 year old student or a 68 year old woman (no offence to either!) who does the tweets, yet, just for a second when you read his flirty little tweets you can’t help but go all girly!

The Twitter Monologues

Posted on 2nd May 2011 in Uncategorized

Sends tweet.

Checks @ mentions.

Remembers has a shed load of editing to do today.

Sends tweet: ‘need to go now as have work to do’.

Checks @ mentions.

Replies to @ mentions.

Sends tweet.

Remembers again about having work to do.

Stands up.

Makes cup of tea.

Condsiders making toast.


Picks up 4 rich tea biscuits instead.

Picks up tea, biscuits and phone in left hand, laptop in right hand and heads towards lounge.

Knocks elbow against door spilling very hot tea over hand and floor.


Glances at iMac and considers tweeting that has spilt tea by being too lazy to make two trips.


Cleans up spilt tea.

Sits on sofa, arranges tea, phone and rich tea biscuits. Switches on laptap.

Laptop is out of battery.

Fetches charger, leans over back of sofa to plug it in.

Spies a lone mini egg behind sofa.

Considers eating mini egg.

Remembers strange noise coming from under sofa the other night and considers possibility of mini egg being covered in frog, mouse or alien wee.

Considers tweeting the discovery of the mini egg.


Puts mini egg in bin.

Sits back down.

Switches on laptop.

Opens internet explorer.

Signs into twitter.

Remembers that moved from iMac to laptop in order to get some work done.

Closes internet explorer.

Realises that now thinks in tweet style format and has idea for this post.

Writes post.

Wonders if will ever be capable of normal thought again?!

Tweet Ups: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Posted on 22nd February 2011 in Dhruv Baker/ imaginary friends/ only dads/ the cake nest/ Twitter

After a lovely, laughter filled conversation with one of my favourite tweeps, I’ve decided I’m, well, undecided, about the whole concept of tweet ups.

I’ve had lots of near misses. I nearly met @MyDaddyCooks, @TheCakeNest and @DhruvBaker1 at Harvest at Jimmy’s.

I nearly met @Kateab and @DhruvBaker1 (oh stop it, I don’t stalk him…..) at The Good Food Show.

I very nearly met @OnlyDads in London – and actually did meet @OnlyMums who was lovely (and gorgeous) although we’d never really tweeted so I’m not sure that one counts as a tweet up.

I’d love to meet @DrewParky BUT surely I would be confused to find that he isn’t 12 and he could only be disappointed that I’m not one of the glamorous mums off Desperate Housewives! (That sounded really, really bad didn’t it….)

Currently I’ve been offered a tweet up by two lovely ladies, both of whom I’m quite intrigued to meet and one of whom I’m quite sure will be nothing like her twitter persona.

And I think that is where the reticence lies for me. I like all my imaginary friends. ALL OF THEM. I like the ones that are nuts, the ones that are serious, the ones who are often a little melancholy and the ones who seem to have insane lives. But I do have a tendency to romanticise things – including people – so would meeting them break the spell?

I’ve spoken to 4 tweeps on the phone. All of whom, without exception, have been wonderful.

So – tweet ups – have you had any good/bad experiences?

Am I being a pansy or am I right to keep my imaginary friends in my head and on my screen?

Christmas 2010 Festive #FollowFriday #FF

Posted on 24th December 2010 in #FF/ #followfriday

Many moons ago, when I wrote a post called Twitter Is My Mistress. It was a nod to all that is good and great about twitter and the blogeverse in general. However I didn’t make the @names live links.

So, for my Christmas present to you all, I have painstakingly made every link live. Please see below for my #FF recommendations, a list of who I follow and why I follow them!

For keeping odd things in her bra and introducing me to twitter @MinaCab

For being kind enough to follow me back, and tweet me occasionally @richardm56 I’m not a daytime TV person so although I knew who he was, I wasn’t a stalker fan, but people said he was Mr Twitter, so I followed. He was funny. He made me laugh, I replied to a couple of his tweets – and he replied! I told him some mad tale about Binky (Richard’s late mail sherpa, long story) asking via the medium of Derek Acorah for him to follow me back – and he did! LOL. Twitter rocks!

For all things cake @thecakenest

For being a pocket rocket @porridgebrain

For being as deep as the ocean @WorldWithoutEnd

For Silent Sundays @cosmicgirlie

For consistent loveliness @JfB57

For extraordinarily bizarre conversations @PowerFairy

For thinking (mistakenly) that I’m a bit like Mary Poppins @DrewParky who, to me, is a little ray of sunshine, and for being his friend @pheonecia

For talking the hind legs off a donkey @MyDaddyCooks

Without Twitter I would never have started coffee-gate…. with @StarbucksUkMD who seems a really nice guy

For oozing common sense and loveliness @LizJarvisUk

For always being there to chat @kateab

For the best lists, in the world, EVER and appreciating evil plans @summerlandc

Top married couple @MeTheManAndBaby @JustATypicalDad

For being in my home town (and a top girl) @KayAndHerBoys

For wonderful blog comments and all round niceness @SheilaW10

For flying the Starbucks flag @The_Moiderer

For being a bit rude but lovely @Nudieprincess

For gentle humour @asnood and occasional rudeness @RAFairman @farmerdadof2 @ThyfaceJesus

For having super curly hair @christinemosler

For nice knickers @Rosa_lingerie

For professionalism @KarenPJ

For loveliness @domesticgoddesq @ShortyMcStompy @prymface @mammamia2001 @katecollings @tmatlack @nickie72 @frugalfamily @caroline_s @vickiCB @KezLewis @mrskatik @peabee72 @snowleopardess @beckicklesie @emmacollinspr @imperfectpages @karenbrand

For #TheGallery @taracain

For great information @kidaroundmag @netmums @eczemasupport @wikio_uk @theNSPCC @flyingstartmag @pragmaticdesign @sobukiRa @fridaytwiz @thekidscoach

Because she has a pretty avi @MostlyYummy

For having fangs @Tattooed_mummy

For great interaction @utterlyscrummy @kookoocachu @vegemitivix @mummywalker @sezi13 @coffeetoatea @newdaynewlesson @tkeala @piginthekitchen @marketingtomilk @tradingnothing @cheshire_Claire @davefowler @singledadsdiary @nickicawood @chrispassey @SimonG_1

For rocking #MentionMondays @mollydcampbell

For having a dream @benbloggerdad

For supportive tweets @MrsIrrelevant @Kailexness @Karen_Sawbridge @MrsTeepot @abstract42 @superrealpj @liveotherwise @livingwithkids @soorganised @teamleila @becaboop @lakessinglemum @mumrablog @chrisandharvey

For being a nutjob who makes me laugh @Lucas_North and for being pretty and having a good memory @Dimitri_MI5 and for being the original @TomQuinnMI5

For not being gay @socialcyclist and @WkendDad (sorry boys, couldn’t resist, they definitely are not gay though ok)

For being local(ish) @hannahbean57 and @KJTweetster and @kidaroundmag and @thelexdencrown and @LEPRA_Hina and @louiseg and @essexgourmet and @shanabp and @Andy_Golding and @leonamurray and @layermarneytower

For looking good in a santa hat @careyannie

For great jugs @richardepryor

For being a monster @keiththemonster

For sweetness @lucypaw @helloitsgemma @susankmann @maris_world @seasparkle_x @jordanfleet @pippaD @sarahsiddons @kanga_Rue @bobbi10100 @sean217uk @violetposy @amylane @cafebebe @mediocre_mum @kateagreen @adventuresEM @stevehills @jimbobbers

For being an ace girl and a great mum @Henry_Bears_Mum

For being lovely, caring, funny and there @fleetwoodboy for being genuine @RugbyMadsDad and supporting the cause @hooker1uk

For niceness @lucyehodgson @realityrose @plus2point4 @20snouts @redtedart @militarywife71 @karenphillipsuk @jalliedaddy @singlewithkids @motivatingmumuk @rosiescribble @wheniwasakid @whoopass @McInTweet

Because they both seem lovely, and fun @DiabloPR and @squarish

For being married @himupnorth oh ok, and great tweets, and being generally FAB

For doing wonderful things @PeterWanless

For loving Bobby Flay, and being all round pink’n’awesome @TheJellyMmonster

For being a superstrong single mum @Metajugglamum

For techy advice, and allround niceguyness @spences10

I LOVE the secret postclub, thank you @notefromlapland

For coming across as seriously nice, funny, dodgy jumper wearing, talented and easy on the eye @DhruvBaker1

For being an amazing dad, for putting others first and for wanting to make a difference @OnlyDads

I will still mention, although not live link (yet) – those who I follow, but do not follow back: @moogyboobles @mammywoo @YoungMummyUK @michelletwinmum @coolcolchester @bumblingtweets @cwtchesandchaos @BrightonMumTeen @BumbleBecki @SiMaths @atmccollam @Suburbanmummyuk @dizzydanni84 @existere @selfridges @greenandblacks @dotterel @olivia_wood @thebabybook @nomorexcuses @flyingstartedu @colchcirclemag @tots100 @epolicemuseum @onlymums @tchocolatec @andreajarman @mizzpink @quinceandquilt @nought2niche @foodurchin @m73ichelle @perfhappymum @lolawomble @netcurtains @colchesterzoo @actingtheparty @radioleary @dearthyroid @and1moremeans5 @greatauntuk @bbcnews @sarymclary @vwallop @skippedydoodah @pinchypants @smittnbybritain @blognonymous @second_time_mum @saffronbs @kidstart @nhsbt @shirlettsman @savvymum4 @GreatOrmondSt @dawnie_brown @themummylife @shitgingerdog @nothernmum1 @rumbarbar @carolinematthews @frazzleddaddy @theboyandme @tiddlyompompom @mrs_doodles @karamina @mrsshilts

Anyone who tells me they’ve followed back – gets made into a live link :)

Free @MrsLJHall from twitter jail! Please RT x

Posted on 8th November 2010 in Twitter

Day 4

Since I noticed on Friday that I have been put in twitter jail, my life has been cold and lonely.

I glanced at facebook – I’m sorry, I know it was wrong – in anycase I didn’t like it there.

Twitter please let me back in?



What’s Up With Twitter?!

Posted on 6th November 2010 in Twitter

*breathes into brown paper bag*

What is up with twitter *twitches* why won’t it let me in?

Is it punishing me?

Please don’t make me go on facebook, please twitter, I’ll be good.


M is for… My Mistress

Posted on 14th July 2010 in Blog/ friendship/ Twitter/ writing workshop

Writing Workshop Badge

3. Who’s your boss? Who (or what!) is in charge of you and your life?

This is EASY.

Much as I try and deny it, Twitter Is My Mistress. For example, today is my day off work. At work I spend the day in front of an iMac and I beaver away at my desk for hours on end. So, today – on my day off – I have mostly sat at home, in front of an iMac and buggered around on twitter for hours on end.

I did just break momentarily to do the washing up. That would be the washing up that I would have done last night, had I not been on twitter. I did have to go for a blood test this morning which took approximately 1.5hrs (30 mins to walk there, 30 mins to wait, 30 mins to walk back) I spent most of the 1.5hrs wishing I had a phone from which I could tweet….

I blame @MinaCab for this as twas she who introduced me to my mistress. She came to my house, plied me with cake, pulled many things (except the obvious) from her bra and then insisted that I join Twitter. Being a meek, subservient, do-as-I’m-told type of a girl I immediately signed up. And was immediately disappointed. “I don’t get it” I said. @MinaCab then explained the virtues of twitter to me and told me that she went to senior school with Andy Parsons (and did a reasonable Andy Parsons impression it has to be said) yet still the appeal of Twitter eluded me.

Yet it nagged at me. Why didn’t I ‘get it’ I am not especially unintelligent, if other people could ‘get it’ then why couldn’t I?

Every now and then I would throw a tweet into the void. Not a lot happened – to be fair I was only following @MinaCab @PlanetJedward and @StephenFry so it was fairly obvious that my banal tweets weren’t about to set the world on fire.

Then one day I did a #hashtagtweet and got a reply, from a real person, a stranger…. Ooooh this was intriguing. So I looked at the strangers ‘followers’ and added a few of them, and they followed me back. Suddenly my banal tweets started getting responses.

This then trigged a ‘ray of light’ a moment where the earth moved, the stars aligned and the heavens collided (never sure what with) – suddenly I GOT TWITTER. I got it, I understood it, I loved it.

I started following @richardm56 I’m not a daytime TV person so although I knew who he was, I wasn’t a stalker fan, but people said he was Mr Twitter, so I followed. He was funny. He made me laugh, I replied to a couple of his tweets – and he replied! I told him some mad tale about Binky (Richard’s late mail sherpa, long story) asking via the medium of Derek Acorah for him to follow me back – and he did! LOL. Twitter rocks!

I am now ‘friends’ with some amazing people on Twitter. My ‘real life’ friends ‘don’t get it’ and they pull that face at me if I mention it, so I don’t anymore. My husband, tolerant man though he is, is dubious of my twitter relationships.

Without Twitter I would never have spoken to @jakubhlavacek a lovely (but rude) gay guy from the Czech republic. I would never have exchanged, time, cake and publishing with @thecakenest – I would never have started a blog if it were not for the likes of the lovely @porridgebrain @cosmicgirlie @JfB57 @Princess_L_88 @cafebebe @vegemitevix (and too many more to list, sorry). I would never have had extraordinarily bizarre conversations with @PowerFairy my life would not have been enhanced by knowing @DrewParky who to me is a little ray of sunshine. I wouldn’t have seen the smiley face of @Superrealpj I wouldn’t know that sock cats are awesome if it weren’t for @_pussygalore I wouldn’t have received lovely, supportive messages from @busyhobs or have ever known about the Tots100 or @The_MADs if it weren’t for @swhittle. Without twitter I wouldn’t have had a lovely chat with @MyDaddyCooks or have tasted his simnel cakes and brightened Archie’s day with Thomas goodies.

Without Twitter I would never have started coffeegate…

I have lovely conversations with lots of wonderful people, including: @LivingwithKids @kateab @PaulaMaher @MissMarch1130 @1chicmama @hooker1uk @Caroljs @MeTheManAndBaby @Jon_Stead @cassiemwilliams @becaboop @KayAndHerBoys @SheilaW10 @The_Moiderer @Nudieprincess @bumblingtweets @ocean_design @christinemosler @gillyjamjar @utterlyscrummy @lbyrne74 @himupnorth @Debbie_Ireland @Delakobic @PeterWanless @SingleMummyUK @mediocre_mum @thekidscoach @TheJellyMonster @peabee72 @Henrys_Mummy @Metajugglamum @realityrose @Barb1963 @teamvaughan @newdaynewlesson @salamicat @nicolalalalala @ShortyMcStompy @balloonbaboon @blottedcopybook @benspex @mummylimited @chrisandharvey @freyerj @justinheron @tradingnothing @Rosa_lingerie

I’ve dropped phones down toilets with @SweetPeaParties. I love the gentle humour of @PippaD and everytime I read her name the song by BabyD pops into my head! I respect @Andy_Golding, I experienced a military clean up from @RAFairman, laughed at the IT Crowd with @kookoocachu @daddacool and @tattooed_mummy. I’m grateful for techy advice from @spences10. I laugh every time I see the name @AhcomeonnowTed. Quite early on in my twitter life, I was inspired by @Angiebabes999. I got trust from @SingleDadsDiary I got to do a guest blog for @SmittnbyBritain and I read STOP ME by the brilliant @Bookwalter

I LOVE the secret postclub, thank you @notefromlapland

I enjoy the humour of @GPforhire and @5tevenw

I am quite honoured to get the occasional reply from the lovely, talented and fairly easy on the eye ;o) @DhruvBaker1

And although I expect none of you will have noticed, I am reasonably fond of a nice guy called Bob @OnlyDads

My thoughts have #hashtags in them, as do things I put in texts and on facebook.

If I haven’t named you, please please don’t be offended. I follow 693 people – and I follow you all for a reason – it just simply wasn’t possible to list all 693 of you here (I did try, but I am very lazy) so if I follow you, I twitter-love you ok? Actually – if I’ve inadvertently missed you off, tweet me and let me know and I will add you :o)

So in answer to prompt 3 of @porridgebrain’s writing workshop: 3. Who’s your boss? Who (or what!) is in charge of you and your life? My one and only answer is TWITTER!

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