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Posted on 17th August 2010 in child/ children/ eczema/ Itchy & Scratchy/ son

A quick post, it’s a review but I want to stress that it’s a review because it’s a product that I wanted to try.

One of my sons has quite severe eczema, this is worsened by almost everything and means that finding suitable laundry products are a bit of a nightmare. Please see The Itchy & Scratchy Show for details of our battle with eczema.

I recently tried a laundry product from Alma Win which claims to be completely safe for people with eczema.

I have tried several other washing products that weren’t meant to be skin friendly and in general have either found them to be completely ineffective at washing or in some cases, actually make his skin worse.

But, I have to say that this stuff actually got the clothes really clean! And he has shown no effects from it.

The bain of my life (well, one of them!) is the kids school polo tops. They seem to be dirt magnets and almost never come clean. But, this liquid detergent got them clean!

Before washing:

After washing:

The only downside to the product, and it’s an obvious one really, is the smell. It has a very subtle aroma of herbs. I quite like it now but found it unusual to start with. It honestly is quite subtle. They do also sell a lemon concentrate that you can add to scent the wash but I was scared of trying it as one of the major things that upsets his skin is citrus.

Product retails for £6.06 for 750ml and is available at

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