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But what will I write? #100wcgu #week160

Earlier in bed, a thousand beautifully arranged words had flowed freely from his mind. Perfect words, that made the people cry and quote afterwards to their friends. In the shower after work, yet… Continue reading

Of The 13 #week158 #100wcgu

Of the 13, he was the last to survive. Standing quietly behind a tree he watched a young pregnant woman spit on the grave before walking defiantly away. Interesting he thought, clearly this man had made his… Continue reading

Encompassing Darkness #100WCGU Week 156

In front of them, the sky was dark and brooding and the old shack stood cold and alone. Her voice was quiet, barely audible in the eerie silence that filled the room. ‘It… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For #100WCGU week 154

Attempting to distract herself she felt the wall for the 62 scratches she’d made to mark off  her best estimate of the days. She’d set her clock by the arrival of her daily… Continue reading

But My Poor Old Feet #100WCGU – week 153

Wearily he answered the phone hoping it wasn’t another job. ‘Sixteen people across town, Cyril.’ Came the gruff order from his boss, no please, thank you or if you can. Just an order barked out… Continue reading

The Three Wise Monkeys #100WCGU

The three wise monkeys they called themselves, So crafty, so cunning and full of stealth. Now that monkey three,  he’d said some stuff, And as for monkey two, he’d heard enough, Then little… Continue reading

The Unguarded Woods #100WCGU

  Had the police taken more care and realised the meaning of the orange spot, there was a high chance that they wouldn’t have left the woods unguarded allowing him to return that night… Continue reading

Chocolate #100WCGU

The policeman stared at me, drinking in my size-too-small jogging bottoms and my ‘RELAX’ t-shirt under the treacherous hooded jacket. “It’s all a misunderstanding. I don’t even like them and I’m on a… Continue reading

Egg Sandwich? #100WCGU week 59

It was a cold day but the sky was a brilliant blue and the view across the cliffs was clear. With the heater turned to full in their little camper van Barbara and… Continue reading

100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups – Week #57

My first ever 100WCGU entry!  This week’s prompt is …returning to the routine… The cat awoke. He stretched out a paw and felt that familiar ache in his shoulders. He noticed the sun was… Continue reading