Book Reviews

I may not always post my book reviews to this blog but they will always be on ReadandRated or you can visit me at Good Reads.

One thing I promise, is that I’ll only ever say I love a book if I truly do.

The Reader – ‘The opening scenes tainted the book for me’

A Casual Vacancy – ‘Overall a good, if bitter-sweet, read’

Lasting Damage – ‘For me, this was Sophie Hannah back on form’

Halfhead – ‘Brilliant’

A Room Swept White – ‘Brave subject, could have been brilliant, but wasn’t’

Moonlight Mile – ‘Great characterisation, a little stereotypical maybe but I liked it all the same’

Cold Kill – ‘Well woven storyline with lots of bits and pieces to keep you guessing’

Notting Hell – ‘I’d hate to live there!’

Birthdays for the Dead – ‘quite frankly kicks butt!’

The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year –  ‘…it is in places briefly uplifting yet on the whole seemed to be a slightly melancholy, cautionary tale’

The Silence – ‘Her best book yet!’

The End Of All Worlds – ‘How wonderful to read about Icelandic folklore’

The Calling – ‘It’s great when you settle down with a book already knowing that you love the characters and the writing style’

Kind of Cruel – ‘I found myself racing towards the ending’

Phobia – ‘I read the second half in one sitting, I didn’t mean to but I just couldn’t find a place where I wanted to stop’

The Price Of Redemption – ‘I didn’t expect to enjoy this book but I loved it!’

The Book With No Name‘I love (big pink puffy heart love) The Bourbon Kid!’

The Siren‘Was I jealous when Goodhew kissed the girl? You bet damn well I was!’

15 Seconds‘fast paced and exciting; I loved it’

Iron House‘I love any book that makes you empathise with a character who is essentially a mass murder!’

The Chill Of Night‘I guessed the killer early on’

Sister‘Truly sensational, a must-read book’

Doors Open – ‘Great concept’

Silent Mercy‘Deeply disappointing’

The Gargoyle‘Lovely book, very long, a bit odd at times but steeped in romance’

Tuesdays With Morrie ‘I defy you not to be moved!’

The Five People You Meet In Heaven‘A tiny book that will blow you away’

Cambridge Blue‘Excellent debut novel, DC Goodhew is very engaging’

Kafka On The Shore – ‘Enchanting’

One Day – ‘A Romantic Disappointment’

The Drowning Pool – ‘Genuinely spooky!’

Papertoy Monsters! – ‘Kept The Boys Amused For Hours!’