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Creeper Cake (from Minecraft)

For Thing 2’s birthday this year I made a Creeper cake. Creeper, in case you don’t already know, is a character from a game called Minecraft. Thing 2 is completely obsessed with this… Continue reading

Support Cake for CAFT! #CharityTuesday

I am delighted to hand my #CharityTuesday page over to @C2C_Run Abi (from @TheCakeNest) today. She is going to tell you about the incredible charity run that she is doing to raise much-needed… Continue reading

Lisa’s Don’t Like Fruitcake

As requested by @feistytapas and @_mummymanda_ this was my wedding cake: I think I was the only person at the reception who didn’t have any! Lol. Although I do happen to know it… Continue reading

Birthday Bake Off!

All baked and ready to take into work tomorrow! Can’t take any credit for the brownies though, they were courtesy of @utterlyscrummy

The Trilogy 2.10.11 #SilentSunday

Halloween Party Games

Halloween, All Souls Eve, or All Hallows Eve as it has previously been known, seems to date back to the Druids in 700bc when it was believed that the souls of the dead… Continue reading

Cakes I've made

The sharp eyed (or really bored) among you will have seen the smiley face from the ghosts before….. Corny had a very similar expression! The only problem with my cakes is that although… Continue reading

Mmmmm Cake

CAKE What is there not to love about cake? Even the word is nice. It starts with a C, I like words that start with the letter C. It is one of those… Continue reading

S is for… Secret Post Club

10th Secret Post Club Arrived today and what a lovely surprise all the way from the US of A! As you can see it contains a bag stuffed full of ‘bold’ starbucks coffee… Continue reading