Mmmmm Cake


What is there not to love about cake?

Even the word is nice. It starts with a C, I like words that start with the letter C. It is one of those words that only has happy connotations – yes yes, I know if you are dieting then it becomes a tad taboo, but, that is because it is so nice.

Ooooh at this point I feel the need to say that this is NOT a sponsored post.

The reason I have pointed that out is because this post is about one specific cake maker. A very lovely lady called Abi who is @thecakenest and makes just the nicest cakes I have ever tasted. So much so that I felt moved to write this post. Good cake should not be kept secret!

What I love best about The Cake Nest is that you can join a cake club – you can sign up for a weekly or monthly slice of cake! Or, just order a one off. How fantabulous is that! They come lovingly packaged and Abi will happily add a personal note if you want her to – making this the perfect gift.

I have tried 2 different varieties of @thecakenest cake, I have tried a deliciously moist chocolate cake that has a hint of raspberry through the chocolate frosting – a very professional cake with deep, rich flavours.

I have tried the all chocolate cake – OMG yum doesn’t even come close!

I can see from the website that there are many other options – my only dilemma is what to try next? Think it is going to be the chilli chocolate cake – not sure that it could compete with the all chocolate cake but it sounds intriguing and just HAS to be tried!

WELL – are you ready? Feast your eyes on these!

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake

A sumptuous taste of summer. Strawberry cake topped with Montezuma’s white chocolate, yum!

£2.50 + £0.96  shipping

Apple Cake and Custard

What can be more comforting than apple cake and custard? A truly snuggly cake that makes you feel like you are right at home (Please note contains nuts)

£2.50 + £0.96 shipping

Double Chocolate Cake

Oozing indulgence, a rich cake made with Divine dark chocolate. For moments of unadulterated bliss!

£2.50 + £0.96 shipping

Caramel Cake

Truly addictive! Delightfully moist cake that will definitely put a smile on your face!

£2.50 + £0.96 shipping

Chilli Chocolate Cake

A wonderfully rich cake made withSouth Devon Chilli Farm’s chilli chocolate for that tingly taste!

£2.50 + £0.96 shipping

Jar of Cake Balls

Bite size, delectable balls of cake dipped in a variety Divine chocolate, beautifully presented in a glass jar.

£4.00 + £2.24 shipping

Basket of Cake Balls

My golf ball size cake balls dipped in a variety Divine chocolate, elegantly presented in a wicker basket, are the perfect present!

£10.00 + £4.50 shipping