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19.7.15 #SilentSunday

My Son Had A Stammer

I haven’t seen the film yet, but all the hype about The Kings Speech has reminded me of the time when my son had a stammer. He must have been about 3 or… Continue reading

V is for… Vegetarian

My 9 year old announced yesterday that he is now a vegetarian. Prior to yesterday he was probably the biggest carnivore on the planet. His reasons for becoming a vegetarian are: • the… Continue reading

2 is for… Two Moons Tonight?

Update: I did take a photo of the moon last night, and there WAS a planet to the right of it, not quite the ‘2 moons’ extravaganza but there was something there. But.… Continue reading

Making The Best Of It

The plan was that my boys went to stay with their dad for a week (commencing Sat 21 Aug) and that me and my OH would go to Brighton for 2 days leaving… Continue reading

Eczema friendly washing liquid

A quick post, it’s a review but I want to stress that it’s a review because it’s a product that I wanted to try. One of my sons has quite severe eczema, this… Continue reading

To eleven plus or not to 11+?

What do you think about the 11+? My oldest son is quite a clever old sausage and always does very well at school. We had to move schools recently (1/4 of way through… Continue reading

K is for… Kids' Kitchen

Today my boys have taken over the kitchen! They have made their breakfast (cereal and brioche), made their lunch (grated cheese sandwiches) and for the finale they have made @DhruvBaker1‘s ‘Easy peasy chicken… Continue reading

Desperately Seeking… Bear Bear

When my youngest was 6 months old we went for one of our regular walks round Colchester Zoo and out through the gift shop. My slightly older son had a habit at the… Continue reading

K is for… Kreativ Blogger

Damn and tarnation, I have been tagged by @himupnorth to do a photo version of the 7 things meme. Actually, sorry – the rules say you have to THANK the person who passes… Continue reading