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Smamborghini anyone?

The Smart Car What we will be forced to drive quite soon.      Butlook at all of the ‘great newchoices’we will have evolving from ‘The SMARTCar’….    The Smorvette!      … Continue reading

Until then…

Flying 101 with Kulula Airlines

I’ve received an email today with details of Kulula Airlines and have to share it for the humour alone! As far as I am aware these pictures and quotes are all real. I… Continue reading

Did You Lose A Cat?

Men Who Lack Female Supervision…

              Then there are guys who decide to find themselves a date… This singles ad is reported to have been listed in the Cornish Guardian:   SINGLE BLACK… Continue reading

Curious Photographs

A little round up of some funny/unusual pics circulating by email at the moment. I think the last one is my favourite. I can’t credit the source, however would be happy to if… Continue reading

Things Kids Say

My boys have come out with some strange ideas over the years. Always so logical when you sit and think about them, mostly everyday things which we just take the meanings of for… Continue reading

Barking Cat

Cat barks until spotted by a human then resumes miaowing! He seems to say: Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Wooooooh, oh, miaow, miaow!