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I have no t’internet!

Just a little blog post to say hello to you all *waves* and let you know that since moving house on the 2nd December I have been forced to go ‘cold turkey’ as… Continue reading

I Love The Twitter #Spooks!

I love watching Spooks and I love the #spooks on twitter, can’t believe this is the last series. But who are they? So far I have found: The one and only @Dimitri_MI5 who is… Continue reading

Tweet Ups: Good, Bad or Ugly?

After a lovely, laughter filled conversation with one of my favourite tweeps, I’ve decided I’m, well, undecided, about the whole concept of tweet ups. I’ve had lots of near misses. I nearly met… Continue reading

Free @MrsLJHall from twitter jail! Please RT x

Day 4 Since I noticed on Friday that I have been put in twitter jail, my life has been cold and lonely. I glanced at facebook – I’m sorry, I know it was… Continue reading

What's Up With Twitter?!

*breathes into brown paper bag* What is up with twitter *twitches* why won’t it let me in? Is it punishing me? Please don’t make me go on facebook, please twitter, I’ll be good.… Continue reading

M is for… My Mistress

3. Who’s your boss? Who (or what!) is in charge of you and your life? This is EASY. Much as I try and deny it, Twitter Is My Mistress. For example, today is… Continue reading

Blog of Substance Award

The lovely, kind and generous Garry @himupnorth has awarded me the Blog of Substance Award. Now he did create a new rugged, manly badge for the this meme however being as I am… Continue reading

B is for… Book Club

Twitter Book Club Ever so occasionally I have a bright idea! Recently I have been wondering if there is a twitter book club – where we can swop books with each other. I’ve… Continue reading

M is for… MADs!

Blimey O’reily my name has popped up in the MADs list! I wonder if it was my rants about coffee and customer service? My frustration over my son’s battle with eczema? My honest… Continue reading

S is for… 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

7 things you don’t know about me……. Day 2 in my blogging life and I have been tagged by @himupnorth A thing called Kreativ Blogger – good, no pressure then. Ok, so I’ll… Continue reading