B is for… Book Club

Twitter Book Club

Ever so occasionally I have a bright idea!

Recently I have been wondering if there is a twitter book club – where we can swop books with each other. I’ve been trawling through twitter but haven’t found one, so I am now thinking about setting one up.

Oooooh I wonder if the handsome and wise Richard Madeley @richardm56 would be our twitter #bookclub patron….

So, please could you let me know if you would be interested in a twitter book club (think #secretpostclub but, not secret, and with books….) can you comment below to let me know:

1) If you’d be interested.

2) Would you prefer to list books you’d like and books you have available to swop and then be paired up with someone.

3) Would you prefer to just be allocated a person to send a book to – and someone else be allocated to send a book to you? ie – you would receive a random book of any genre.

4) Any other suggestions?

OBVIOUSLY we will need a #bookclub badge which I am wondering if the lovely @SecretDadsDiary would be able to make for us? *cough* hint hint

Let me know what you think guys xx