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Guess Who’s Back…

As the title suggests, after a brief (2 year) hiatus, I feel like returning to blogging – so, for now at least, I’m back!  

2.12.2012 #SilentSunday

RIP Maisy

2006-2012 Maisy, MaisyMoo, MoosyTuesday, MaiMais, MooMoos, Moomin, Moobag A tribute to our lovely Maisy. We got her from a rescue centre when she was about 6 months old. She was an affectionate and… Continue reading

Your Cats Age In Human Years

I love this! Got the original image from here. How old is your cat?

What Happens When The Rescue Centers Are Full? #CharityTuesday

If you’ve ever read my blog or tweeted with me you will be aware that I am an animal lover. As such, during a recent trip to a fun day at Wood Green… Continue reading

It’s Stripey And It Needs A Name…

This, oh so beautiful, bundle of fluff needs a name. What shall we call her?

100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups – Week #57

My first ever 100WCGU entry!  This week’s prompt is …returning to the routine… The cat awoke. He stretched out a paw and felt that familiar ache in his shoulders. He noticed the sun was… Continue reading

#PhotoADayJuly – 30 – Calm

PhotoADayJuly – 30 – Calm or Let Sleeping Cats Lie See the rest of the prompts here

Until then…

Unusual Cat Beds/Houses

My cats, being conventional creatures, like to sleep on plastic bags, fresh washing and important post or inside boxes that are far smaller than them: And it’s an arrangement that works well for… Continue reading