Unusual Cat Beds/Houses

My cats, being conventional creatures, like to sleep on plastic bags, fresh washing and important post or inside boxes that are far smaller than them:

And it’s an arrangement that works well for us. However, some cat owners feel the need to express their love for their cat(s) by buying/making somewhat more unconventional beds for them….

This one combines my love of both macs and cats 🙂


Think the detailing may be a little wasted on the cat judging by his expression!


This kitty seems very at home in his luxury pad!

This is just too sweet!


I can’t believe someone has actually made this one! It even looks as though the cats are clinging on for dear life…


For the cat who likes to travel…


Not convinced these cats have got the right idea!


And finally, one for the boys, the AT-AT cat bed/house:

Obviously you want to see inside: