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#PhotoADayJuly – 30 – Calm

PhotoADayJuly – 30 – Calm or Let Sleeping Cats Lie See the rest of the prompts here

Made With Love

I’m so touched, my lovely boys have just presented me with these ‘for all the lovely things you’ve done for us’ – how sweet is that! From my dyslexic 10 year old, who… Continue reading

Unusual Cat Beds/Houses

My cats, being conventional creatures, like to sleep on plastic bags, fresh washing and important post or inside boxes that are far smaller than them: And it’s an arrangement that works well for… Continue reading

Curious Photographs

A little round up of some funny/unusual pics circulating by email at the moment. I think the last one is my favourite. I can’t credit the source, however would be happy to if… Continue reading

Important Discoveries

Washing Up – no matter how long you leave it, it will not do itself Bluebottles – never signify anything good Cats – no matter how many beds, towels, designated throws you provide;… Continue reading

Funny Cats

I believe my favourite to be ‘killer smile’ although ‘ribbons’ and ‘innocent cat’ made me LOL too. Hence them being called LOLcats I guess!                  … Continue reading

Fleas, fleas and more fleas!

Help! My sweet little, butter-wouldn’t-melt, Maisy cat has got fleas. Before you say it, yes I do treat her with Frontline. I do it every 5 weeks and yet it just doesn’t seem… Continue reading

C is for… Cat Chat

I have just added the autumn 10 newsletter for Cat Chat (@CatChatCharity) below and sadly have to say that this is the last one I can do for them due to my current… Continue reading

S is for… Sensory Overload

For prompt 4 of porridge’s writing workshop. I shouldn’t be here Would he find out? I’d promised ‘never again’ Could he find out? It was so beautiful to look at I’m just looking,… Continue reading

V is for… Volunteer

Am a bit late with my entry for Josie’s Writing Workshop. Like most people (have been reading through the entries!) I have gone for ‘5. Pick an emotion that best represents your state… Continue reading