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Is It Wrong To Change Someone’s Comment On Your Blog?

This is not as wicked as all that but, while I make mistakes with the best of them, I do have a ‘thing’ about grammar and spelling. I don’t go as far as to correct a commenter’s grammar per se, but I do occasionally…once in a while…all the time change a spelling mistake if I catch it. Now, one of the members of The Gibberish Generation who is related to me thinks this is outrageous. Something about human rights and the long struggle for the right to misspell words. Not sure, since I stopped listening after the second “OMG, Mum!!”

But is it wrong to change a commenter’s spelling on your blog to maintain the quality standards you might have set for it? I don’t think so. Unless it is obvious the misspelling is there for a purpose, I am very happy to change the word ‘complement’ to ‘compliment’ when the clear meaning is to give someone a polite expression of praise or admiration. (Don’t worry, my children call me a ‘saddo’ later on this post, so don’t feel bad that you just thought it.)

However, I am being told it is far better to not print the comment rather than change the words of someone else. Now, that doesn’t work for me as I tend to print all comments I receive unless they are particularly offensive for the sake of offence. Even then I might change the gratuitous use of the word fcuk to, say, duck and publish away, but mainly to piss off the spammers sending me fcuk clothing adverts all the while.

When I make the odd spelling mistake on another writer’s blog, I am grateful when they correct any misspelling in my comments. It keeps the quality of their blog alive and makes me look less like a fool who cannot maintain her own standards. I find this far less stressful than posting a second comment correcting the first comment and then making a mistake in the third comment which was correcting the second comment. By the time I get to the fourth comment correcting the third comment, I’m a sweating, gibbering idiot who can’t remember if it’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, or should that be accept it’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ and not after ‘c’? Oh, God! Who cares?

Well, the point is, I do, and as ‘saddo’ as that makes me (thanks kids for the new word to add to my vocabulary), I am a saddo who freely admits she would prefer to split hairs on this subject rather than split infinitives. How sad is that?

Guest post from HMS HerMelness Speaks (@HerMelness)

E&OE ~ Errors and omissions excepted…or should that be expected?