Guest Post! Christmas Game (DS) Guide! #christmas #DS #games

YAY another Guest Post! This time from one of my all time favourite tweeters @DrewParky – one of the things that I love about Drew is that he gives me game advice for my boys. I find it really useful when I’m considering what games to buy them. Drew has kindly done a run down on some of his top tips for Christmas games!  Thanks Drew! 🙂


Hello there!

The lovely Mrs H has asked me to be a guest on her blog site. I’m not much of a writer really… I would rather play video games… a lot! Which is why Mrs H has asked me to write a little something about ones that I would recommend to you guys if you wanted any suggestions for your children for Christmas! So if you’re stuck and don’t know your Pokemon from your Para-Troopers, then I’m the person to point you in the right direction!

All these games for are the Nintendo DS (DSi & DSiXL compatable) I’ll start off with games for little ones. These games can be played by anyone and don’t contain complex rules or strategies in order for you to understand them. So children (and adults of course!) of any ages can enjoy these beauties:

New Super Mario Bros

What can I say about Mario? He is THE video game celeb! Right up there with Pac-Man! Mario’s first game was back in 1985 and Nintendo this year are celebrating 25 years of this fella:  Mario the plumber! This game was made using the orginial in mind, with many modern updates to it. You can’t go wrong with this! A game for Mario beginners and fans alike!

Tetris Party Deluxe

Ahh Tetris, it sweeped the nation back when it was first released. Now it is still going strong, being released on the DS in this new format. It has many new modes and being able to link up with 3 other friends to play against makes this a great multi-player game!

Art Academy

This comes under“lifesyle” so shouldn’t be branded a game as such. It helps you to enhance your artistic side, introducing you to different drawing and painting techniques.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem

One of Mario’s rivals is the mighty Donkey Kong (a giant ape with a misunderstood attitude. Think King Kong of the gaming world). This puzzle game has you guide little Mario toys around an array of hazardous levels, making sure they don’t come to any harm. You are able to interact with the environment, building bridges, hitting switches, changing path directions and so forth.

100 Classic Books

Exactly what is says on the tin! Now you’re able to access 100 classic titles using your DS! Handy! Instead of carrying a bookcase round with you.

Cooking Mama

For anyone wanting to cook, this game is for you! You are taught by ‘Mama’, a lovely motherly sort of lady who tells you exactly what to do and how to cook. From growing your own veg to chopping to stirring to serving, you’ll experience all the delights of the kitchen in the Cooking Mama series!

Now for a few choice games that are aimed for older ones. These games need an understanding of what to do next (for example find a key using clues) and contain lots of text and storyline for gamers to follow and act accordingly (my favourites!):

Professor Layton

The Professor Layton games are a huge success! Anyone who likes to have their brains tested by puzzles would be a fool to miss out on these games. You follow the adventures of a detective and his cockney lad sidekick. Together they solve mysteries and using your help along the way, puzzle their way through to unlock the secrets that each game contains. There are 3 in the series, each as gripping as the next.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun is a most recent release. You control a young lad who has the magical abilities to control the elements. Using them you embark on an incredible journey, battling monsters and saving innocents.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest is an epic game series where you take on the role of a Hero and a group of his friends journeying round a massive world of cities, mountains, forests and seas. The storylines are always engaging and turned based battles ranging from small bats to massive zombie king hordes are common place.

Pokemon Silver/Gold

Pokemon! Who doesn’t know about it? You? You say you’ve been locked away for the past 10 years? Then let me explain! Pokemon are creatures that you (as a Pokemon Trainer) are able to capture and then train to fight in Pokemon Battles. In these battles you take it in turns to use a special move your Pokemon can use. Now for the tactical part: Each Pokemon belongs to an element eg Water, Electric, Fire, Grass. Each is able to beat another with ease, while at the same time able to take a beating from another. The trick is to learn which element is strong/weak against another. The game is a massive series and has sold millions upon millions of copies! It is addictive and loads of fun as your job is to become the most dedicated Pokemon Trainer of all time and show the world what you can do!

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light

Final Fantasy is another well standing adventure series (as you can tell I’m quite a fan of this genre!) In this game, you control a hero and his friends and battle monsters (what else!) in order to save the world! This game gives you many hats (roles) that you can take on in battle. Want to heal your companions? Wear a White Mage hat. Want to cast magical spells? Wear a Black Mage hat. Want to reduce magical damage to you and your friends? Wear an Elementalist hat (which looks like an Indian Feathered Headress if you ask me!). All styled in the feel of a pop-up book. Do not let the cute graphics deceive you, this adventure is quite difficult.

Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Legend Of Zelda! Another brilliant series of games (I only suggest the best you know!). Link, the brave hero of this tale is always thrust into saving the world and rescuing the princess! A tale as old as time, but each game a masterpeice, with excellent storyline, brilliant dungeons to explore and solve with in-depth puzzles involving finding keys, maps and magical equipment. Battle dungeon bosses to progress further into the game and save the day!

Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes

Clash Of Heroes is a puzzle game with an epic storyline. The battles are played out by using your ‘units’ to march against the enemy units. You can choose which you would like to use, each with their own attack and defense. A tactical, turn based, puzzle game.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

We started with Mario and we shall end with Mario. A game where you control Mario and Luigi in their quest to get out of their arch nemesis Bowser’s belly!  Yes you read that right! You see they get shrunk and swallowed and so begins an incredibly hilarious adventure!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen! A few gems to look up for your littlies (or yourselves!) this Christmas. I hope I was able to shed some light into the world of gaming for those of you who have no clue and wanted a little direction.

If you have any questions or would like to chat games with me then tweet me: @DrewParky 😀