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Encompassing Darkness #100WCGU Week 156

In front of them, the sky was dark and brooding and the old shack stood cold and alone. Her voice was quiet, barely audible in the eerie silence that filled the room. ‘It… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For #100WCGU week 154

Attempting to distract herself she felt the wall for the 62 scratches she’d made to mark off  her best estimate of the days. She’d set her clock by the arrival of her daily… Continue reading

But My Poor Old Feet #100WCGU – week 153

Wearily he answered the phone hoping it wasn’t another job. ‘Sixteen people across town, Cyril.’ Came the gruff order from his boss, no please, thank you or if you can. Just an order barked out… Continue reading

B is for… Beauty

I see beauty everywhere, especially at the moment. I see it in leaves, in puddles, in clouds and starry nights. The crescent moon last night made me literally stop my car and try… Continue reading

She's Perfect

This post is dedicated to a special lady because right now I know that she is hurting. I chose prompt 5 ‘imperfection’ from Josie’s writing workshop. I may have turned it on it’s… Continue reading

PLEASE press for change – #blogladesh

Please click on the image above and add your name to the petition. For more details, please visit the blogs of the ladies who have been to Bangladesh and who can explain the… Continue reading

D is for… Disgusting

#Writing Workshop. Prompt 3: Pay attention to a stranger you meet this week or observe, and write about them. I should point out that I went to town today without having read the… Continue reading

S is for… STORM

So now it’s your turn. What prompt did you choose? 5. Storm There is a storm coming Building coils of dread, tighter I can feel it in every sharp breath Is it time… Continue reading

M is for… My Mistress

3. Who’s your boss? Who (or what!) is in charge of you and your life? This is EASY. Much as I try and deny it, Twitter Is My Mistress. For example, today is… Continue reading

S is for… Sensory Overload

For prompt 4 of porridge’s writing workshop. I shouldn’t be here Would he find out? I’d promised ‘never again’ Could he find out? It was so beautiful to look at I’m just looking,… Continue reading