Big Blue Cuddle #CharityTuesday

This week for #CharityTuesday let me introduce you to Big Blue Cuddle. Name sound familiar? You’ve probably seen tweets in your timeline for #bigbluecuddlehour where people can mention their favourite children’s charity from 6 to 7pm every tuesday and Big Blue Cuddle will donate a £50 voucher to the charity with most mentions.

Big Blue Cuddle is a new online baby and children clothes store with a big difference: it generates big donations for children’s charities without costing a penny to the customer and offers an eclectic range of colourful, original and imaginative clothes for babies and children up to age 10.

Lara Soetekouw, the founder and London based mother of 3, teams up with unusual brands, mostly not yet widely available in the UK, who embrace the idea of giving and therefore offer great prices on a few selected items.  The clothes are sold for their regular retail price creating a margin that’s donated to charities.  In fact between 15% and 50% of the total value of each sale is donated to a charity chosen by the customer at the end of their purchase.

Suppliers only sell a limited amount of clothes through Big Blue Cuddle, so every garment is virtually unique in the UK. “It’s almost like a gallery” Lara explains “where you’re never quite sure what you’re going to find and once something is sold, it is gone!”

Big Blue Cuddle is therefore the perfect store where to buy gifts who will stand out, for example for newborn babies: the clothes are truly different from anything you’ll find on the high street and the gift will feel extra special to the new mother too, as the greeting card (or the gift voucher) has a discreet writing that says which children’s charity has been selected to benefit from this purchase.

Big Blue Cuddle has decided to support 4 wonderful and relatively small charities to make sure they are really making a difference in diverse areas such as medical research (Children with Leukaemia), buying medical equipment for premature babies (Ickle Pickles), providing counselling in schools for children with behavioural problems (Place2Be) or providing practical and emotional support to vulnerable children in deprived areas of London (Kids Company).
At check out the customer selects the charity that will receive the donation on their behalf. It’s big – purchases of £100 will see Big Blue Cuddle donating £25 to the children charity of their choice.

So at the end everybody wins:

–      Suppliers a great way to launch or get noticed in the UK, offer their stock for a good cause and show a big heart
–      Customers discover new brands, buy one-of-a-kind clothes and have the satisfaction of having helped raise funds for a good cause without spending anything extra
–      Charities receive funds that can make a big difference and raise awareness about their projects and cause.

To learn more about the concept and the charities they support and to browse Big Blue Cuddle’s colourful and original selection of clothes please visit their website

More about founder Lara Soetekouw and what made her start Big Blue Cuddle

Lara Soetekouw is half Italian, half American and has lived a bit everywhere across Europe before settling down in London 10 years ago, with her Dutch husband and their 3 multilingual children.

Lara is also a former strategy and marketing consultant who always dreamt of starting her own business and, at the same time, doing her bit to make the world a better place, especially for children.

The initial idea for Big Blue Cuddle came from the frustration of not being able to find in the UK the colourful and imaginative brands of clothes that she so enjoyed buying for her children in the Netherlands and finding that everybody was buying the same brands in the UK.  Lara thought that any stock of these brands that are not yet well established in the UK had a real market value over here because of their originality and that a margin could be created and donated to charities.