Is It Ok For Teachers To Swear?

Had coffee with a friend this week who told me that a teacher at her child’s school had sworn at the class. Apparently during a lesson, when losing the attention of the class, the teacher shouted “I’m not a f***ing foghorn”.

Another day, another teacher, apparently put her middle finger up at a child who was messing around.

I can’t help wondering how they can ever discipline the children or expect them to behave as an air of hypocrisy must make any such conversations impossible.

The more I think about it, the more shocked I am that this happened. It has made me wonder if I’m just too idealistic – in my head teachers gain the respect of their pupils and peers through well tempered, well managed behaviour. Leading by example and creating an ethos of personal safety and mutual respect.

Am I wrong? Is it now ok or even ‘the norm’ for teachers to swear at their pupils to regain control?