Poke Etiquette

I have recently been pondering ‘poke etiquette’ on the evil that is Facebook.

What is the meaning of a poke?

According to Facebook it is:

There are a handful of people who regularly poke me on FB *waves* you know who you are – and maybe you can provide the answer?!

But recently I was poked by someone different (sooooo hard not to say fnarr fnarr at any point) and it made me wonder what had prompted them to do it. The lovely @marketingtomilk did put forward the suggestion that pokes are only received from boys who used to fancy you at school…

Which then made me worry, if I don’t poke back is it rude/impolite?

If I do poke back am I effectively rubbing my knees Vic Reeves stylee and saying c’mon then big boy?

Does anyone know?