At What Age Would You Leave Your Children ‘Home Alone’

My children are aged 10 & 12, I have no intention of leaving them home alone.

Even though my oldest does bear a passing resemblance to a certain Mr Culkin.

I’ve just moved to a new town and started a new job – suddenly the school holidays are looming like a great yawning abyss in my calendar.

I’ve found a holiday club that I can use for this year – at a cost of £22.50 per day, per child – but it only goes up to age 12 so from December I’m stuffed!

What do you do with your children during the school holidays?

Do you leave them home alone? If so from what age did you do it?

I’d like to reiterate that I’m not considering leaving my two for several years yet. Not only do I not think it is appropriate, I know that they’d be very worried about being left on their own all day.

All/any suggestions gratefully received!