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What Happens When The Rescue Centers Are Full? #CharityTuesday

If you’ve ever read my blog or tweeted with me you will be aware that I am an animal lover. As such, during a recent trip to a fun day at Wood Green… Continue reading

The Essex Lion is old news; what about the Beast of Bale?

This undoctored photograph was taken by a friend during a recent trip to Bale in Norfolk. She hit zoom as much as she could on her camera but the animal ran away before… Continue reading

Wonderful Wildlife

Abused Dog Gives Comfort To Other Animals

In 2003, police in Warwickshire , England , opened a garden shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog.  The dog had been locked in the shed and abandoned.  It was dirty and malnourished,… Continue reading

Stuck Animals

A series of pics of animals stuck in peculiar places… my overriding thought for most of them is how on earth did they get in there to start with?!

Three Unusual Brothers

I hope the folks @noahsarkclub won’t mind me sharing this story. They make an unlikely trio, but Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have forged an unusually strong… Continue reading