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An Afternoon’s Fun With Epic Straws! #epicstraws

I don’t often take up offer to review products in return for a guaranteed post, however the Cravendale Epic Straws combined two things that my boys love so it seemed rude not to!¬†Both… Continue reading

Transforming Origami Box/Rose

Not to be out done by the swan… My lovely 12 year old gave me this box: I made all the appropriate ‘ooooh that’s lovely’ noises at which he rolled his eyes and… Continue reading

Origami Butterfly

A close up pic of one of my mother’s day gifts, it’s an articulated origami butterfly patiently made by my 10 year old.

Pillowcase Dresses #CharityTuesday

My post for #CharityTuesday this week really sums up how the simplest of ideas can have a wonderful and inexpensive affect.¬† I’ll now hand you over to Louise who can tell you all… Continue reading