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Encompassing Darkness #100WCGU Week 156

In front of them, the sky was dark and brooding and the old shack stood cold and alone. Her voice was quiet, barely audible in the eerie silence that filled the room. ‘It… Continue reading

And it’s goodbye from me – a fond farewell?

As the title suggests, I have decided to hang up my blogging hat. I don’t want to rattle off a whole plethora of negative reasons why, even though there are some, instead I’d… Continue reading

I wish…

I haven’t taken part in the writing workshop for a while but find myself drawn to the prompt of ‘I wish’ – for more entries or to take part yourself click here or… Continue reading

Could You Knock Out A Triple?

Sorry for the title – but I genuinely heard one of the staff call it that (and sound impressed) therefore it’s allowed. This post is for @porridgebrain’s writing workshop, under the prompt of… Continue reading

Guess the song!

As part of ¬†Josie’s Writing Workshop¬†this week (in which the prompt was to write something based upon either a song or lyrics) I have twisted it slightly into a ‘guess the song’ quiz.… Continue reading