An Afternoon’s Fun With Epic Straws! #epicstraws

I don’t often take up offer to review products in return for a guaranteed post, however the Cravendale Epic Straws combined two things that my boys love so it seemed rude not to! Both… Continue reading

Epilation vs Home Waxing

A few months ago I bought an epilator and wrote a post about how I got on with it…click here to read. Although it’s fair to say that the pain did lessen each… Continue reading

14.10.2012 #SilentSunday

Chocolate #100WCGU

The policeman stared at me, drinking in my size-too-small jogging bottoms and my ‘RELAX’ t-shirt under the treacherous hooded jacket. “It’s all a misunderstanding. I don’t even like them and I’m on a… Continue reading

Lasting Damage #BookReview

LASTING DAMAGE by Sophie Hannah The official blurb: Sophie’s sixth psychological crime novel to feature Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer. It’s 1.15 a.m. Connie Bowskill should be asleep. Instead, she’s logging on to a… Continue reading

Halfhead #BookReview

Halfhead by Stuart B. MacBride The blurb: Terrifying serial killer thriller set in the gritty Glasgow of the near future, from the bestselling author of the Logan McRae series. There are worse things than the… Continue reading

RIP Maisy

2006-2012 Maisy, MaisyMoo, MoosyTuesday, MaiMais, MooMoos, Moomin, Moobag A tribute to our lovely Maisy. We got her from a rescue centre when she was about 6 months old. She was an affectionate and… Continue reading

Your Cats Age In Human Years

I love this! Got the original image from here. How old is your cat?

Cute Pictures

If you liked these, click here for some funny cat pictures or here for some awesome nature photographs.

30.9.2012 #SilentSunday