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9/11 Where Were You?

As another anniversary of that awful day rolls around, I can’t help thinking back to the moment when I first heard about the attacks on the Twin Towers. My in-laws were visiting from… Continue reading

MasterChef New York

Watching Masterchef in New York tonight brought back a memory for me as the lovely and mighty skilled Tim jumped into a taxi. In the back of a New York yellow cab you… Continue reading

A City That Sparkles #thegallery

For the gallery prompt this week, I am going to share with you a city that sparkles. NYC is amazing, there is nowhere else on earth that sounds and smells like New York… Continue reading

The Inquisitor meme – who ordered the spanish inquisition?

I have been tagged by @kateab to answer the 10 question meme that is dun dun dun…. THE INQUISITOR! Or, as Kate dubbed it – The Spanish Inquisition! 1. Which (in)famous person (alive… Continue reading