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RIP Maisy

2006-2012 Maisy, MaisyMoo, MoosyTuesday, MaiMais, MooMoos, Moomin, Moobag A tribute to our lovely Maisy. We got her from a rescue centre when she was about 6 months old. She was an affectionate and… Continue reading

#PhotoADayJuly – 24 – A Stranger!

This is part of the #PhotoADayJuly challenge, prompt number 24 – Stranger So here is my photo of a stranger! Am sure I’ll go straight to hell for this! What can I say,… Continue reading

#PhotoADayJuly – 14 – Building

See my previous entries in #PhotoADayJuly along with the list of subject prompts here.

#PhotoADayJuly – 12 – Texture

I absolutely love trees, I think they are beautiful. Even this old stump is wonderful; it serves as an impromptu bird table in our garden! This is part of the Photo A Day… Continue reading

Wonderful Wildlife

#photoadayJuly – Day 3 – Best Part Of My Day

This is part of the¬†Photo A Day¬†challenge for July. Number 3. Best part of your day. (I’m not sure this is the BEST part, but it’s certainly something I look forward to!) Want… Continue reading

Breath Taking Nature


#PhotoADay – 1 – Self Portrait

This is part of the Photo A Day challenge for July. Number 1. Self Portrait. Why not play along yourself?